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Spring 2024 Audley Traveller Cover

NEW: The latest edition of Audley Traveller magazine

Subscribe to our e-newsletter for the latest travel updates and inspiration. As a new subscriber, you’ll receive a copy of the autumn issue of Audley Traveller magazine. At Audley, our specialists travel to their destinations regularly, uncovering new stays and experiences to make your trips as meaningful as possible. In our new edition, our specialists share their latest travel tips and ideas, including three ways to explore Japan, a coastal road trip through South Africa, and 48 hours in Muscat, Oman.


Spring 2024 - Audley Traveller Magazine

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Back issues

Autumn 2023 Traveller Cover
Autumn 2023 - New directions

Featuring: where you can see dozens of mummified crocodiles in Egypt, meet one of our award-winning Sri Lanka guides, and discover the best way to spend 48 hours in Cape Town.

PUBLISHED ON September 20, 2023
Spring 2023 Traveller Cover
Spring 2023 - India country by name, continent by scale

Featuring: where to enjoy the best souvlaki in Athens, getting to know Borneo beyond the orangutan sanctuaries, and experiences that give back to the people and places you visit.

PUBLISHED ON May 03, 2023
In the Moment Brochure Cover
In The Moment - top experiences for 2023

Featuring: our specialists’ top-rated moments from their own trips that you can experience for yourself — from tango lessons in Buenos Aires to exploring ancient Cambodian temples by torch light.

PUBLISHED ON September 15, 2022
Autumn 2022 Traveller Cover
Autumn 2022 - Shifting gears

Inside: Fresh ways to explore Morocco, from sidecars to surfboards. We also take a small-ship cruise experience along Alaska’s untamed coastline. Plus much more.

PUBLISHED ON September 01, 2022
Summer Traveller 2022 cover
Summer 2022 - Taking flight again

Featuring: The joy of returning to travel; Sun, sea and slowing down in Thailand; The Gans girls take on Italy

PUBLISHED ON June 07, 2022
Spring Traveler 2021 Brochure Cover
Spring 2021 - Love letters to Vietnam

Inside: Three travellers share their passion for Vietnam, a couple delves into the art of Japanese pottery, and we discuss the future of travel.

PUBLISHED ON May 25, 2021
Winter Traveller 2020 Cover
Winter 2020 - Behind the scenes in South Africa's Sabi Sands

Inside: we go behind the scenes at South Africa’s Sabi Sands reserve, you can explore the regional foods of Italy, and veteran polar expedition leader Greg Mortimer shares his experiences.

PUBLISHED ON January 06, 2020
Spring Traveller 2020 Cover
Spring 2020 - Your next journey is waiting...

Inside: we spotlight the best places to travel closer to home, compare Zanzibar and Mauritius in our Head to Head feature, and take you through 48 hours in Seoul.

PUBLISHED ON March 23, 2020
Audley Traveller Spring 2019
Spring 2019 - Classic Colombia

Inside: you can discover the best city experiences in Colombia, Kenya specialist Amy shares a different approach to safaris in the country, and we take a road trip through Western Australia.

PUBLISHED ON April 08, 2019
Audley Traveller Summer 2019
Summer 2019 - The real Myanmar

Inside: we reveal how you can experience the real Myanmar, you can choose from our Top 6 responsible wildlife encounters, and we interview the owner of an Australian rainforest lodge.

PUBLISHED ON July 12, 2019
25 Moments in Travel Brochure cover
25 Moments in Travel - Experiences you'll keep for a lifetime

From watching the northern lights in Canada’s Yukon to standing steps from a giraffe in Tanzania’s Serengeti, our 25th-anniversary e-book shares our specialists’ best travel moments over the past 25 years to inspire your next trip.

PUBLISHED ON January 15, 2021
Adventures and Escapes Brochure Cover
Adventures & Escapes - Inspiration for 2021 and beyond

A compilation of our specialists’ ideal trips from around the globe to inspire your travels for 2021 and beyond.

PUBLISHED ON October 28, 2020