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Experts in tailor-made holidays to the Indian Subcontinent

Experts in tailor-made holidays to the Indian Subcontinent

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Indian Subcontinent

The Indian Subcontinent in one word is ‘diversity’, and we look to capture this in our trips. Travelling there, you experience an astonishing variety of landscapes and cultures. After all, it lays claim to both the Himalaya in the roof of the world and the Maldives, which lie flush against the lapping ocean. And, as home to over 2,000 ethnic groups, the Subcontinent is a true melting pot of people.

Our specialists have also hand-selected a wide range of accommodation choices for your journey. You could stay in converted palaces, spa retreats, mountain lodges, jungle camps and water villas. This range of options and the tantalising possibility of living the life of a Maharaja, if only for a few days, is unique to the region.

The warmth of your welcome remains constant whether you're visiting the deserts and backwaters of India, the mountains, or the tropical idylls of Sri Lanka and the Maldives, while gastronomes will revel in the countless dishes on offer.

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Trip ideas in Indian Subcontinent

These itineraries will give you a starting point for what your trip could entail. They cover routes that we've found work particularly well and feature some of our favourite places to stay. Treat them just as inspiration, as each trip is created uniquely for you and there are many more options available.

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