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Hola, I will be 60 years old at the end of November and my husband will celebrate his 59, close enough to 60. We would like to go somewhere special for these 2 occasions. I'm a retired teacher and my husband can take time off for as long as he wants during that period of time mid-November to mid-December with flexible dates either way. We have traveled in the Caribbean, Mexico, Costa Rica, Belize (scuba diving) and Guatemala to learn Spanish and some European countries. We are in fairly good shape, and we like to be active (a beach only vacation is not for us but a few days on the beach is great) and doing things as opposed to only sightseeing. We have a comfortable budget but prefer small pension or private villas as opposed to luxury hotels or resort. I hope this gives you a good snap shot of who we are and that you can help us celebrate this mile stone with an interesting trip. I understand that this time of the year is a bit of a challenge that's why we need help to find a place in the world where we can have an amazing time and come back with great memories. I thank you ahead of time for your time and consideration.

Iguazú Falls


There are two regions of the world that I think could work for you and these are South America or Australia.

More specifically, within South America the two countries that work best at this time of year are Chile and Argentina as it is their peak travel season, therefore overall you should experience the best of their warm, dry weather.

Chile has a very diverse landscape making it a photographer's dream and a wonderful place to explore. You have the Atacama Desert where you can visit the salt pans and bubbling geysers, as well as taking part in a number of activities such as walking and mountain biking (if you're feeling adventurous), you can explore the magnificent Andes, take an expedition cruise through the stunning Fjords, or of course visit the famous National Park of Torres Del Paine in Patagonia. On top of all of this you can visit the famous vineyards and wineries (perhaps sampling some local produce too) or combine your time here with visiting the fascinating Easter Island!.

Argentina has a great diversity in its scenery from glaciers, to volcanoes, rugged coastlines to magnificent waterfalls. Most people that travel here will want to see the iconic Iguaçu Falls, however there is much more on offer. Travel to the wine regions with their stunning countryside to explore or Patagonia with its wonderful national parks. In Buenos Aires you can easily spend a good four days. If you have the time and the budget then you can even combine these two options to have one truly spectacular experience, or add in some time in Brazil to enjoy the beaches.

Alternatively if South America does not appeal to you then how about Australia. I understand that you are based in Canada?  With this in mind and to make the most of the weather in Nov/Dec I would suggest flying into Sydney and exploring the South East. This city is of course world-famous with iconic sights such as the Opera House and Bridge, which you can climb. On top of that there are many wonderful tours by boat and by land, you can head out into the countryside and enjoy the wildlife or walking opportunities of the national parks. If you were interested you can also spend some time in the wine regions, learn about the aboriginal culture, take a drive along the coast and of course enjoy some relaxation time on one of their many beautiful sandy beaches.

If you are interested in any of the above options then please feel free to contact one of the specific country specialists directly on: Chile and Argentina 01993 838 632 / Australia 01993 838 810, alternatively if you would like some additional destination ideas then a member of the concierge team will be more than happy to help on: 01993 838 925.

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