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Learn the art of French patisserie on this half-day course, which reveals the techniques behind the making of the perfect macaron. These sweet, meringue-based treats have been a French delicacy for centuries and were supposedly introduced by Catherine de' Medici, who brought them from Italy when she married Henry II in 1533.

It was in Paris, however, where enlightened chefs fused two macarons with ganache in the early 20th century, creating a much-loved classic now known the world over.

On this course you learn how to make melt-in-the-mouth meringues with techniques you can easily transport back to your own kitchen.

Your class takes place in the well-equipped kitchen of a professionally trained chef, who’ll be your tutor for the half-day course.

You begin by enjoying some refreshments and meeting the other participants of the class. Then it's time to put on your aprons and learn a little about the history of the macaron and the differences between the French and Italian traditions used to create them.

You'll learn the classic French technique of macaron making in this class, and your chef-tutor will explain how precise measurements and baking techniques are essential in creating a good macaron.

Guided by the chef’s steady hands and detailed instructions, you’ll mix, beat, pipe and fill your way through the process of crafting your own delicate treats. You also learn about traditional garnishes and fillings, and classic techniques used when assembling and displaying the quintessential Parisian pastries.

Once you have finished assembling your batch of treats, you can enjoy a few of your macarons with the rest of the group. Your tutor will offer tips on improving your technique, if necessary, ensuring you can recreate your recipe in style once you get back home. After the class has ended, you’re able to take some macarons away with you.

As you'll be standing for the duration of your class, we recommend wearing comfortable shoes. If you'd like to take the course and have any allergies, please inform your specialist.

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