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We are a family of 4 with teenagers (boy 15 and girl 13). We are looking for a 10-14 day family vacation in August, combining some adventure with some relaxation. We have traveled to Vietnam which we all enjoyed but my daughter struggled with the culture shock and felt very homesick. We are considering Canada or Sri Lanka but are open to suggestions.

Polonnaruwa, Sri Lanka


Sri Lanka is a wonderful destination and is certainly a good place for a family trip as it offers a wide range of varied experiences from wildlife safaris to white-water rafting. The cultural side of the country is also fascinating with the most dominant religion being Buddhism, watching the Puja ceremonies at the Temple of the Tooth is a sure highlight! After all of the adventures you can choose from a range of different beautiful beaches for your relaxation time, you may even be lucky and see a whale or two! Sri Lanka is an extremely welcoming country with many friendly faces, hopefully this will help your daughter to feel at ease. English is also spoken widely so this may also help with the homesickness.

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