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We are arriving in Buenos Aires late on the evening of December 8th and then leaving for Ushuaia in the afternoon of December 14th. Please suggest an itinerary for our five full days in BA. Thank you.

La Boca, Buenos Aires


In regards to your question about an itinerary whilst in Buenos Aires, there is lots to do, but depending on what your interests are I’d recommend you spend a couple nights outside of Buenos Aires in the pampas at an estancia. It provides a great way to relax and get to know the roots of the Argentinian culture.

I've traveled extensively across both Argentina and Brazil which as you know are huge countries with so many amazing highlights. On my last trip to BA I saw a new tango show that we have on offer, ate at my favorite restaurant in the city called La Cabrera, toured the famous La Boca soccer stadium after visiting the neighborhood and I took my time one Sunday strolling through San Telmo’s Famous Sunday Market (San Telmo is BA’s oldest neighborhood).

I generally recommend two nights for Iguazú Falls and a tango show is a must because it plays an important role in the modern day culture of Argentina.

Do get in touch if you wish to discuss your trip further.

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