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Myself and my boyfriend have just over two weeks annual leave at the end of Feb and would like to visit Cape Town and also go on Safari. Can you please recommend a safari and activities to do over the period? We'd like one week of activities followed by a week of relaxation time. An idea of hotels, places to stay visit and restaurants would be amazing. Thanks.

White rhino, Eastern Cape


February is a lovely time to visit the Cape in South Africa. It's the height of summer so the weather should be warm and dry. You could spend the majority of the trip around Cape Town, as there is just so much to do. Table Mountain dominates the skyline and there are a number of sandy beaches to laze on. The Winelands are less than an hour’s drive out of Cape Town; it’s a stunning setting to relax for a few days and properly feel as though you're on vacation. For your safari I would recommend flying to Port Elizabeth so you can go on safari in the Eastern Cape. The game reserves in this area offer excellent game viewing and a very high standard of service. Overall, the vacation will be exciting, varied, and above all, memorable.

- Answered by Arista

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