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Iban longhouse, Borneo

Iban Headhunters & Borneo Jungle

The day is spent exploring the area by longboat and visiting the traditional longhouses of the Iban people. The Iban were notorious headhunters until the middle of this century, slaughtering their enemies and then preserving their heads to bring good fortune.

The cultural experience is fascinating, and is combined in this trip with the beautiful unspoilt scenery along the waterways.

There should be time for you to try out the blow pipe (they no longer use poisonous darts!) and you may also take a short trek in to the jungle to see the animal traps and local medical plants they use.

Lunch will be served either in the longhouse or a little further down river, depending on the weather. If you eat by the river you will have the benefit of seeing the skilled Ibans using bamboo tubes over an open fire to cook fish, rice and meat in the traditional manner and you can even have a refreshing dip in the water as they cook!

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