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Yaxha at Sunset

Yaxha, q'equchi' for green water, is located 73 km from Flores. This Maya site, discovered in 1904 by architect Teobert Maler, is situated within the Maya Biosphere Reserve along with the sites of Nakum and El Naranjo. It was occupied from pre-classic (800 BC) to post-classic (1600 AD) times and covers three square kilometers with more than 500 buildings discovered, including the only twin pyramid complex outside of Tikal. It was allied to Tikal and an enemy of El Naranjo, from whom it suffered various defeats.

Nearby is Yaxha lagoon, in the center of which was another Mayan site called Topoxté, where building continued after the classic collapse until 1450. The lagoon is home to the Morelet's crocodile, endemic to Petén.

There is extensive restoration ongoing at this site, and some areas and temples have wooden stairways to facilitate access. You can therefore see the archaeologists working away and explore parts which are yet to be uncovered, buried by the vegetation.

Receiving fewer visitors than other sites, Yaxha remains peaceful and there are wonderful wildlife opportunities. The scale of these ruins suggests that it was undoubtedly a very important city during the Mayan reign.

Sunset atop one of the temples on a clear day is simply stunning.

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