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Audley Travel launches a ‘Responsible Packing Guide’ to mark World Ocean Day

Published: 06/05/2024   /   Updated: 07/09/2024

Over 25 per cent of US vacationers believe it is essential to consider the sustainability credentials of the items they pack.

To mark World Ocean Day (June 8), bespoke and B Corp™ certified tour operator Audley Travel has curated a new ‘Responsible Packing Guide’ which highlights fellow B Corp™ businesses focusing their operations on purpose as well as profit to do their bit to preserve the planet.

From replacing a worn-out travel accessory or replenishing sunscreen to choosing new clothes ahead of a trip, the guide helps travelers select products that will have less impact on the environment.

Sustainability matters to travelers when packing

The launch of the guide follows research conducted by Audley that found that 27 percent of Americans consider that the sustainability of items they take on vacation (such as reef-friendly sunscreen or responsibly produced clothing and accessories) is an essential part of their purchase decision, with a further 41 percent saying this is quite important.

The same number say this focus on the environment extends to the vacation itself, considering the carbon footprint or sustainability credentials of their chosen accommodation is essential (with 42 percent feeling this is quite important).

This is most important to under 24s, with 39 percent of this age group saying sustainability was an essential part of their purchase decision for items to take away, as well as for the vacation itself.

Only 11 percent of all respondents say they don’t consider sustainability when making vacation travel decisions and 10 percent when purchasing items to take with them.

The recommended B Corp™ products

With products ranging from sunglasses and travel accessories made from recycled marine plastic, clothing made-to-order to reduce waste, reef-safe sunscreen and an electric toothbrush with recyclable plant-based heads, buying from these B Corp™ businesses helps travelers make a positive choice for the planet.

  • Project Reef — Reef-safe sunscreen. For every purchase, the company recovers 1lb of ocean-bound plastic, the equivalent of 22 plastic bottles.
  • Sea2See — Sunglasses made from recycled marine plastic collected by local fishing and coastal communities in Africa. Each frame recycles 1kg (2.2lbs) of marine plastic.
  • TWOTHIRDS — TWOTHIRDS reimagines the fashion purchasing process with many items made to order to reduce waste. Clothing is made from eco-friendly materials, which use less water, produce less CO2, and are less toxic for the environment than conventional cotton.
  • SURI — An electric toothbrush with a 40+ day battery life, featuring plant-based heads which can be recycled for free.
  • Bitmore — Power banks, charging cables and earphones made from recycled plastics and a neck pillow made from recycled plastic bottles collected from the oceans (available from duty free retail outlets around the world).

The guide also includes tips on how to travel sustainably from taking used batteries home to recycle and having a reusable coffee cup and cutlery set handy on excursions, to declining offers of unnecessary items such as duplicate gifts of reusable water bottles.

Nick Longman, CEO at Audley Travel, said: “Being a responsible tour operator is part of Audley Travel’s DNA, as we continue our long-term commitment to ensuring our business operates ethically and with the preservation and restoration of the communities our clients visit at its core.

“The new Responsible Travel Guide is an extension of Audley’s sustainable travel ethos, and the brands we’ve selected meet strict criteria as fellow B Corp™ companies. This is not about promoting buying new, but inspiring travelers to source vacation necessities in a mindful way.”

More information on the brands can be found at and a high resolution version of the guide can be downloaded here.

Notes to Editors

Research — The research was conducted by Kantar with a sample of 1,052 US adults aged 18-64 between 05/09/2024 - 05/13/2024.

Criteria for inclusion — in addition to being B Corp™ certified, brands selected for the guide needed to sell environmental conscious product, have a focus on plastic reduction, make community or environmental donations and match Audley's sustainability ethos.