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Fez Tasting Trail

We believe that Fez is the best city in Morocco for following a street food tasting trail, and this is also the best way to orientate yourself within the labyrinthine streets of the old medina. Throughout the tour, your English speaking guide will help you to discover and taste various delicacies of Fez and interact with the locals in the different food markets.

You'll begin at the Blue Gate of Fez, where you'll meander through one of the oldest food markets in the country, stopping first to taste some Moroccan crépes and different types of local homemade breads. Afterwards, you'll walk to the date and dry fruit stalls to taste and learn about their different origins, as well as to the olive stalls. Here you'll taste the different varieties of olive and learn how each kind is used in Moroccan cooking, as well as discovering which spices go best with different dishes.

You'll see butchers who specialize in preparing and selling camel meat, and ladies making filo pastry, which is used in the preparation of pastilla, a famous Moroccan recipe of Andalusian origin. Your guide will translate the recipes and tell you how each speciality is prepared and for which occasion. One of the highlights will be visiting the honey souqs — the market area where honey, cooked and salted butter as well as preserved meats are sold. Here you'll taste many varieties of local honey, which differ in color and aroma, before walking to one of the public bakeries, where the ladies of Fez come to bake the bread they prepare at home.

Your adventure continues across one of the vegetable markets, where your guide will explain about some of the most commonly used locally produced ingredients. As you walk through this area you'll find tiny streetside eateries, where you'll be invited to sit and try delicacies such as broad bean purée cooked with garlic and served with olive oil and tasty, warm homemade bread. Your guide will also purchase a selection of the best delicacies of each stall, such as makouda (small, fried potato balls) and spicy fried sardines.

You'll continue on to a traditional mint tea café to witness the making of — and to taste — this traditional Moroccan hot drink. You'll then walk through some very typically Moroccan stalls, where sheep heads are steamed and served as a major delicacy with salt and cumin.

Finally, you'll stop in a wonderfully colorful quarter where the speciality dish is a small pastry cooked with almonds, honey and orange blossom water. As you leave the old city, you'll pass by some shops where local ladies make a special crépe called 'Trid' which locals eat for breakfast, before reaching stalls selling snails and all the herbs used to cook them.

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