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Robin on Table Mountain in Cape Town, South Africa


Africa Specialist

My love of travel started at a young age. I grew up with a father who had worked across several continents and as a child enjoyed visiting extended family in the Netherlands. Two backpacking adventures around Europe as a teenager cemented my desire to travel the world, which I combined with my other great passion, history, to work on archaeological digs in Cyprus, Jordan and Bulgaria

I eventually landed a job after university as tour manager on cruise ships, which raised my total number of countries visited to 65 and took me on my first safari and to visit South Africa. My maternal grandparents were from South Africa and after my first visit to their homeland, I was hooked. The food, scenery, culture and the wildlife are just incredible so when I got the opportunity to sell its merits to others at Audley, I jumped at the chance.

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Q&A with Robin

Male Kudu - Amakhala Game Reserve

What’s the best local dish you’ve tasted?

Kudu steak is by far my favourite of a very long list of things to eat while in Africa, which mostly includes wild game. It tastes not dissimilar to venison but there is something about it that just makes it especially delicious. I highly recommend.

Elephant, Etosha National Park

Where would you love to travel next?

The Skeleton Coast of Namibia looks incredible. The remoteness of the landscape is something that you just don’t experience in Europe or in many other places of the world. If I could go there and see some of the fabled desert elephants I would be a very happy man.

Male lion in The Eastern Cape

Your best piece of travel advice?

Life begins outside your comfort zone. I think so many people resist travel, particularly to Africa, because of fear of the unknown. But the continent has so much to offer and can provide levels of service and luxury many would think are unimaginable.