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Due to the northerly latitude, the main travelling season in Alaska is limited to the summer months of mid-June to mid-September. Alaska’s wildlife, including bears, sea otters, seals and whales, is visible throughout this period, although June and July tend to be the best months for sightings. The warm weather and long days make this a particularly pleasant time of year. The weather in Alaska changes very quickly at any time of year, but many excursions stop operating in early September in anticipation of the wintry weather. Unless you are looking for winter sports or northern lights in extreme conditions, the winter months are best avoided.

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Our favourite time of year is July, which is really the best time of year to visit. The days are long with plenty of daylight and can be warm and sunny. The Alaskan wildlife has emerged from winter hibernation and national parks are open and accessible, with walking trails offering spectacular views. Communities across the state celebrate the summer and there are a number of cultural events and local festivals to enjoy.

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Alaska Climate Guide

Destination Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Anchorage -7°C 23mm -3°C 21mm 1°C 17mm 7°C 14mm 13°C 18mm 17°C 29mm 19°C 50mm 17°C 66mm 13°C 68mm 5°C 46mm -2°C 28mm -6°C 30mm
Barrow -22°C 4mm -24°C 4mm -22°C 4mm -14°C 5mm -4°C 4mm 4°C 7mm 8°C 24mm 6°C 25mm 1°C 16mm -7°C 11mm -15°C 6mm -21°C 4mm
Denali National Park -15°C 27mm -13°C 28mm -9°C 29mm -2°C 21mm 7°C 21mm 14°C 59mm 16°C 86mm 13°C 91mm 7°C 64mm -3°C 39mm -11°C 31mm -14°C 31mm
Fairbanks -19°C 24mm -15°C 18mm -5°C 13mm 5°C 8mm 15°C 18mm 21°C 37mm 22°C 50mm 19°C 49mm 12°C 35mm 0°C 25mm -11°C 24mm -19°C 24mm
Glacier Bay National Park 0°C 123mm 2°C 116mm 5°C 91mm 9°C 70mm 13°C 74mm 16°C 63mm 18°C 84mm 18°C 115mm 14°C 182mm 9°C 248mm 3°C 182mm 0°C 170mm
Juneau -2°C 125mm 1°C 108mm 4°C 98mm 8°C 84mm 13°C 100mm 16°C 91mm 18°C 122mm 17°C 157mm 13°C 207mm 8°C 234mm 2°C 149mm 0°C 140mm
Katmai National Park -4°C 50mm -3°C 41mm 0°C 43mm 4°C 43mm 10°C 49mm 15°C 51mm 17°C 63mm 16°C 96mm 13°C 98mm 5°C 82mm 0°C 60mm -4°C 57mm
Ketchikan 3°C 319mm 5°C 285mm 6°C 252mm 9°C 251mm 12°C 199mm 15°C 167mm 17°C 150mm 18°C 221mm 15°C 303mm 10°C 515mm 6°C 389mm 4°C 358mm
Seward -2°C 132mm 0°C 116mm 2°C 83mm 6°C 84mm 11°C 84mm 14°C 52mm 17°C 57mm 16°C 109mm 12°C 201mm 6°C 225mm 2°C 151mm -1°C 158mm
Skagway -7°C 80mm -4°C 75mm 1°C 58mm 7°C 39mm 12°C 36mm 17°C 35mm 18°C 44mm 17°C 59mm 13°C 93mm 6°C 131mm -1°C 96mm -5°C 96mm
Valdez -5°C 112mm -3°C 110mm 1°C 89mm 6°C 72mm 11°C 66mm 15°C 71mm 17°C 90mm 16°C 124mm 12°C 174mm 5°C 166mm -1°C 128mm -4°C 142mm

Month-by-month guide to travelling in Alaska

Small Boat Harbour, Seward

Visiting Alaska in July - August

Beginning in July and stretching through to the end of August the summer is the nicest time of year to travel. July is the best month for travelling, although it is also the busiest. Warm days and short nights make this a really nice time of year to visit and much of the state’s iconic wildlife is very active.

Events & Festivals

  • Fourth of July: The population of Seward swells from around 2,500 to nearly 40,000 for the July Fourth celebrations. The Main Street is blocked off to traffic as the streets fill with a colourful parade, entertainers and a series of brightly decorated floats.
  • Alaskan State Fair (August): Taking place in Palmer, this is the largest event of the state with a fairground, carnival and concert to mark the last few days of summer.

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