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Ewan on the Pacific Coast Highway, California


USA Specialist

My love for travel developed at a young age while living in Alaska for my father’s work. This enabled our family to go on adventures across the USA, embedding a lifelong curiosity for discovering new places.

Upon graduating from The Royal Academy of Music, I embarked on a 10-year career as an actor. During this time I became increasingly passionate about the places I was visiting with work, resulting in my decision to pursue a different career path.

Since joining Audley I have explored California and the Pacific Northwest, re-introducing me to destinations that provided my earliest travel memories such as Seattle and San Francisco. I have also discovered new areas including the dramatic beauty of Yosemite National Park, the remarkable wonder of the Olympic Peninsula and the numerous highlights of the Pacific Coast Highway.

I am thrilled to be part of the USA team, helping to create unforgettable experiences for others wishing to visit this special part of the world.

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Ewan by the Hollywood sign

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Q&A with Ewan

Camera capturing a forest stock

What is one thing you always pack?

My Canon Camera. I have a passion for photography and I have found it’s the best way to capture my travel memories. I love returning home and sorting through the images. It’s the perfect way to relive all the experiences of that particular trip.

Views around Kenai Fjords National Park, near Seward, Alaska

Where would you love to travel next?

Having some experience of the National Parks in the USA, the next one (of many) that I would like to visit is Kenai Fjords National Park in Alaska. Described as a place where 'Mountains, Ice and Ocean Meet', I would love to hire a kayak to see the tidewater glaciers and, hopefully, the marine life of this area.

Bixby Bridge in California

Your best piece of travel advice

My best piece of advice for a trip across the West Coast of the USA, is always give yourself sufficient time to explore. It can be tempting to try and cover as much ground as possible, but I believe it is vital to have the time to unearth the hidden gems and leave feeling like you’ve had an authentic experience.