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I would like to go to old country America to enjoy horse riding treks/helping out on a ranch during the day and then spending the evening in 'saloon' type eateries. I expect to stay for 14 days and maybe somewhere close to the Grand Canyon and/or Las Vegas. Thanks

Red Rock Country, Sedona


The Grand Canyon and Arizona are the perfect venues to explore ‘Old Country’ USA as it has a fantastic mix of Wild West culture, beautiful landscapes, fantastic hospitality and some of the best Saloons and Ranches in the US. I recommend taking this trip within the Spring or Autumn months to make sure the weather and scenery are at their very best.

I would suggest starting your trip by flying into Phoenix and taking the short drive to the cactus desert and lush countryside of Tucson where the treks and ranches are second to none.

From within your ranch accommodation you will be able to take advantage of the multitude of horse riding routes available and trek up into the Rincon Mountains taking in the breathtaking landscape and wildlife views during a breakfast or sunset trail in addition to other various hikes and rides on offer throughout the day. These ranches are also home to various activities from bike riding to cookery classes as well as some fantastic nearby Wild West Saloons offering a feast for the senses of steaks, prickly pear margaritas or live music and BBQ’s with local cowboys under the stars.

Next on your holiday I would advise taking the picturesque drive up toward Sedona where you will be surrounded by the awe-inspiring Redrock formations before driving into this picturesque and beautiful small town, where the beauty of the dessert mixes stunningly with the history of the rocks which are said to be older than the dinosaurs. Whilst there, there are a variety of hikes, jeep rides, and other activities on offer as well as a range of gastronomic delights.

Upon leaving Sedona you can drive up into northern Arizona, stopping for lunch in the small and beautiful Flagstaff surrounded by more of Arizona’s awesome mountains before stopping overnight at the world-famous Grand Canyon. In my opinion the Grand Canyon sells itself but suffice to say it is a marvellous wonder of nature and time spent in this unique part of the world is never to be forgotten.

After a helicopter ride above the canyon where you can take in not only the vast landscape but the fantastic lights of the Las Vegas Strip you can head on to end your stay in this opulent and mesmerising City. The accommodation options here are world class with historical properties like the Bellagio for its old school Vegas style or the more contemporary Vdara Hotel which is one of the newer more modern casino free properties. Either way there is something on this trip to cater for every taste.

If you would like to talk through your plans in more detail please get in touch as I am always delighted to help people who are visiting this fantastic area.

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