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We are a couple looking to go on a safari. We like the luxury tent idea and perhaps a lovely beach at the end of a four or five day safari, making a total of 10 or 11 nights. We don't want a full itinerary just a few days doing a safari then relaxing on the beach with white sands.

Breezes Beach Club, Zanzibar Island


I am one of the Hidden Beaches specialists at Audley. I have been lucky enough to travel extensively around the world, visiting some of our favourite Hidden Beach properties. You can find out more about me here.

Hidden Beaches is Audley’s answer to those who love travelling but on occasion want to slow the pace down, relax by the sea and soak up the sun for the majority of their trip. Using the expertise that we have built-up over the years, exploring a multitude of destinations and hearing about the places our clients have really enjoyed staying at, we have put together a selection of our favourite beach properties and created a programme centred around serious relaxation. Although the main focus of the properties we have chosen is relaxation and getting away from it all, we know the desire to explore further is a strong one. With this in mind we have twinned each of our properties with a short trip (a few days) in another place. I think a safari in the Selous Game Reserve would be perfect for you.

The reserve is made up of 54,000 square kilometres in south-western Tanzania and it is the largest protected wilderness reserve on the continent, three times larger than the Serengeti and twice the size of Belgium. There are 350 catalogued species in this area. There is an elephant population of over 50,000 and more than 5,000 leopards. There are also lions in the area as well as the endangered and rare African hunting dog. The park also provides a home for some of the last remaining black rhinos. There is plenty of plains game as well as crocodile and hippos. Our clients really love the Selous as it is a seldom visited, peaceful park with few vehicles: one of our recent clients only saw three vehicles in eight hours. Boat trips on the river are also a speciality here which makes for an even more magical and unique experience.

Following your exhilarating safari experience you will fly by light aircraft to relax and enjoy the beautiful white-sand beaches of Zanzibar. The Breezes Beach Club and Spa is situated on one of the best beaches in the area and our clients always tell us that they love that you are favourably located for exploring the local towns and villages to soak up some local culture: the perfect place to relax. Our clients are also always really impressed with the amazing service received and the fantastic activities on offer.

The best time to visit would be June-February and costs for a 12 day trip including flights would start from around £2,900 per person.

I think the most helpful thing is for me to discuss ideas with you over the phone and then put together a personalised itinerary for you, and I will be delighted to work on an itinerary quote with you based on your requirements and aided by my first-hand knowledge.

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