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Looking back on our Travels in 2016

Everyone who works at Audley shares a passion for travel. Wandering through our offices you’d be hard pressed not to overhear tales and anecdotes from around the world. 

In 2016 alone, we collectively went on 247 research trips to find the best guides, places to stay and activities for those who seek unique and authentic experiences. 

Our specialists took a video camera wherever they went, and their highlights are captured in the video above. We also share some of our most lasting memories from our journeys below.

Volcano hiking in Guatemala

By Dan from our Latin America team

Fuego volcano, Guatemala
Fuego volcano, Guatemala

The hike up Acatenango volcano is great for experienced hikers. As you ascend you’ll get to witness eruptions from the nearby Fuego volcano. In fact, during my time at the top a few months ago it was erupting every ten minutes and we could see rocks flying out into the sky among the ash. I’d recommend avoiding busy times like weekends and if the walk is too much of a challenge you can ride a horse to the top, which takes around 30 minutes.

Witnessing Tanzania’s Great Migration

By Tanzania specialist Mike

The annual Great Migration, Tanzania
The annual Great Migration, Tanzania

I’d visited the Serengeti before but never at quite the right time of year to see the Great Migration. When we arrived, there were over 1,000 wildebeest gathered around the banks of the Mara River. It only took one brave young wildebeest to take the plunge for the rest of the herd to follow suit. Over 45 minutes, we watched what must have been hundreds cross the river in search of rain and fresh grass. In terms of sheer drama and intensity, I’ve never had a wildlife experience that could parallel the Great Migration in full flow.

Visiting WE Charity projects in Kenya

By Cerie from our content team

We Charity, Bogani, Kenya
We Charity, Bogani, Kenya

I spent a week at Bogani in Kenya visiting community projects and meeting local people who are supported by WE Charity. I witnessed how the charity’s funding enables rural communities to become self-sustaining.

During my trip, I visited a number of schools and even helped to lay the foundations of a brand new classroom. I also met with the mamas (women of the community), who earn their own income through making beautiful bead jewellery.

The highlight of my trip was speaking to the students at Kisaruni High School. Their drive and determination to do well and their love and appreciation for education was admirable. We received the warmest of welcomes everywhere we went and were made to feel like part of the community. I felt really proud to be part of something that had helped so many.

Discovering the unique regions of Madagascar

By Madagascar specialist Sam

Lemur, Ankarana National Park, Madagascar
Lemur, Ankarana National Park, Madagascar

I spent a month in Madagascar exploring the country’s lesser-known places. This included experiencing the magnificent tsingy massifs of Ankarana National Park and watching the remarkable sunsets over the lake. I stayed in a mixture of bush camps, locally owned hotels and guesthouses, which provided a fantastic insight into everyday life in the various regions. The thing I found most fascinating was the diversity in landscape, culture and traditions across short distances.

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