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Lucy at Wells Gray


Canada Specialist

My love of travel was sparked at university where I studied American and Canadian literature, history and culture.

Following my studies, I worked as a Southeast Asia specialist in my hometown and was granted several months off to travel Indochina and to tick some items off my travel wish-list on a one-month trip round the USA. The travel bug got the better of me and I left my job to travel around India, Vietnam, Indonesia and Borneo, before ending up in Australia for the next year.

On my return, I joined Audley’s Canada team. My first extensive Audley trip was spent traversing Canada from west to east experiencing the wildlife, rugged landscapes and character-filled cities. My best memory is of Québec city, where I climbed the city walls and ate poutine watching the film festival.

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Quebec City

I recommend visiting - Québec City, Canada

Québec City is a real surprise. With a mix of French, British and Canadian influences in its architecture, history and culture it has so much to offer. Take time to meander through the cobbled streets, stop for a coffee or look out for the 'French' locations from Catch Me If You Can. One of the things I loved most is that all the buildings are protected and restored as they were in the 17th century. It's a little maze of streets; the best one I found was Rue du Trésor, an open-air gallery that translates as Treasure Street.

Abigail's Hotel, Victoria

I recommend staying at - Abigail's Hotel, Canada


Located just minutes from Victoria's quaint downtown area, this quiet boutique property has a small-town charm and homely atmosphere, which is echoed throughout this city on the south of Vancouver Island. It has gorgeous Tudoresque four-poster beds and wood-burning fireplaces, which make it very romantic. I loved the Ruby Room, which felt like being in an old English manor house only with the added touch of a Jacuzzi bath.

I'll never forget when…

I was lucky enough to take a seaplane from Vancouver to dine at Bowen Island, a nearby island that has all the rugged mountains, forests and seascapes that British Columbia is known for. It was such a scenic journey, flying over the entire city on a clear-blue afternoon before making our way across the water and wilderness to land in tiny Snug Cove on Bowen Island. We had a great pub meal with pristine forest on one side and the sun setting over the ocean on the other.

Photos of Lucy

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  • Lucy at English Bay Lucy at English Bay
  • Lucy in Québec Lucy in Québec
  • Lucy in Stanley Park, Vancouver Lucy in Stanley Park, Vancouver
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