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Lexi on the Isle of Skye, Scotland


UK & Ireland Specialist

My passion for travel was sparked after a life altering experience.

When I was 20 years old, I developed an autoimmune disease and spent the entire summer on bed rest. To curb the boredom, I spent a lot of time consuming travel content. My goal became: get better and see the world. I did exactly that. I got a diagnosis in August, started treatment in September — and with nothing but sheer optimism for my health — I booked a trip to Switzerland for December. Luckily for me, I entered remission a week before my trip.

Getting to experience a different culture and see the beautiful scenery ignited a hunger in me that only seeing more of the world could satiate. Since that first trip to Switzerland, I’ve been lucky to add more countries and US states to the list of ever-growing places I’ve had the opportunity to explore.

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Q&A with Lexi

Sunday roast, England

What’s the best local dish you’ve tasted?

The last time I was in London I was lucky to be there on a Sunday. One of my favourite British traditions is the Sunday roast. I found a local pub that had come highly recommended and set off for dinner. A Sunday roast comes with perfectly cooked roast beef, crispy potatoes, roasted vegetables, and most importantly the Yorkshire pudding, all drizzled with gravy. To put it simply, it was pure perfection. The meat was beautifully tender, the vegetables were seasoned perfectly and the Yorkshire pudding to top it off was baked to a beautifully puffy perfection.


What's your most vivid travel moment?

It was my first time in Scotland. The air was crisp, and the streets were bright with lights. I’d been dreaming about the Edinburgh Christmas market for years. I made my way through the line and stepped into the market. I was instantly hit with the smell of various foods cooking. Quaint booths lined the market selling different goods and treats. I made my way over to the Ferris wheel. As the ride stopped at the top I looked down, as rain sprinkled the little market ever so slightly, making the whole place glimmer. I remember sitting on that Ferris wheel in awe of the sight before me, in front of me the most beautiful and festive Christmas market I’d ever seen and behind me the most magical city I ‘ve ever been lucky to explore.

Sossusvlei, Namibia

Where would you love to travel next?

I’ve been dreaming of Africa quite a bit recently. Specifically, the Namib Desert. Namibia offers such a unique landscape and wildlife that has been piquing my interest.