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Mareesa in Thórsmörk Valley, Iceland


Iceland Specialist

As a Bengali girl raised in a rural Appalachia town in Kentucky, I’ve always been curious about different cultures, customs, and cuisines. Some of my most cherished travel memories involve wandering through quaint European towns and lounging on sun-kissed Caribbean beaches.

My most recent adventure took me to the otherworldly landscapes of Iceland. From hiking the largest glaciers in Europe, exploring abandoned lava tubes, to savouring Icelandic delicacies like lamb stew, arctic char, and happy marriage cake. I believe Iceland’s unparalleled beauty defies words — it’s an experience that must be felt firsthand. There’s something about soaking in a geothermal pool while being mesmerized by the dancing aurora borealis that leaves you feeling both privileged and profoundly humble.

My passion for Iceland is what brought me to the Audley team. I’m thrilled to be here and look forward to crafting your own captivating journey to the ‘Land of Fire and Ice.’

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Q&A with Mareesa

Whale watching in Iceland

What’s your most vivid travel moment?

I spent a few amazing hours at the Geosea Baths in Húsavík, Iceland’s whale-watching hub. These pools get their warmth from the natural geothermal energy beneath Iceland. It was a sunny day, and the infinity pool seamlessly merged with the Arctic Ocean, surrounded by incredible snow-capped mountains. In the distance, we spotted some mighty yet graceful humpback whales coming up for air. And as nature’s grand finale, a vibrant rainbow painted the sky, making the whole day unforgettable.

Wildflower meadow

Where would you love to travel next?

I’m excited to travel to Switzerland next to see its stunning snow-capped mountains, crystal-clear lakes, and lush green valleys. Switzerland is famous for its chocolate and cheese, and I can’t wait to taste them. The mix of natural beauty and great food is my personal heaven.

Mareesa visiting Thórsmörk Valley, Iceland

Your best piece of travel advice?

For an Icelandic adventure, my top advice is to truly experience the beauty. Resist the constant urge to document everything on your phone. Put the camera down, soak in the moment, and let your eyes be the lens. Take mental snapshots and immerse yourself in the raw landscapes. Being present, without the filter of a screen, allows you to appreciate Iceland’s unique landscapes. In a place like this, the memories you create in the moment will stay with you longer than any digital photo.