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Elizabeth at Sensoji Temple, Tokyo


Japan Specialist

My passion for travel began once I finished my degree in Forensic Chemistry and took a gap year to backpack around Australia, New Zealand, and Asia. I fell in love with travel and knew that I could never have a career in science when the world was there to be explored. I love getting off the plane in a new country, ready to experience everything it has to offer. Since starting in the travel industry in 2016, I’ve been very fortunate to visit many exciting and wonderful places. Each place I visit is intriguing in its own way. None more so than Japan.

I’m fascinated by Japan, from the bright lights and skyscrapers in Tokyo, to the 7th Century Zenkoji temple in Nagano, each prefecture (area) has something new to offer. The food is mouthwatering, and people are the most respectful and hard working I’ve met. I love helping people to experience this wonderful, intriguing country and all it has to offer.

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Q&A with Elizabeth

Chureito Shrine in Kawaguchi-ko

What’s your most vivid travel moment?

Stepping off the bus at Kawaguchiko and seeing Mount Fuji in a cloudless, striking blue sky is a moment I’ll never forget. The glittering snow-capped mountain towering above is a sight to behold. I excitedly waited for the cable car to take me to the point, and I was not disappointed.

Orangutan in the canopy

Where would you love to travel next?

Borneo is next on my list. The wealth of wildlife is a real pull, think orangutans and pygmy elephants, paired with the hiking offered at Mount Kinabalu and the golden sand beaches of Gaya Island. It ticks lots of boxes for me.


Your best piece of travel advice?

Always book onto a food tour. They get you walking around a city, seeing places you would never have found on your own and trying dishes you might never have picked. I think they’re great as you get to try many smaller dishes, rather than worrying that you may order a dish you wouldn’t like and wasting money or ruining your day/evening. You also get first-hand knowledge from a local guide about customs and history of the area and places you’re visiting.