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In 2004 at the age of 18, Layla embarked upon a life changing move to Japan when her father's job was relocated. A year out to experience a new place was an exciting prospect - little did she know that she would never want to leave!  Layla went on to spend 6 happy years living in Nagoya and Tokyo, where she worked as an English language instructor and studied Japanese language. She also travelled throughout Japan, and loved to play tour guide whenever relatives or friends would come and visit!

Layla believes that those years in Japan had a great impact on her development as a person, and she has a deep appreciation of the culture and lifestyle there.

On returning to the UK in 2010, Layla entered into her first travel industry role - fuelled by her desire to share her passion for travel.  She learned a lot, and enjoyed her job, but felt that she was not able to make use of her knowledge and experience of Japan.  Layla then joined Audley Travel in November 2012 as a Japan Country Specialist, and continues to spread her enthusiasm for this fascinating country so close to her heart.

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I'll never forget when…

Having loved pretty much every day of my life in Japan for 6 years, it's difficult to choose any one experience to highlight as the most memorable! One experience that does spring to mind from my most recent trip would be the profound impact that visiting the Hiroshima Atomic Dome and Peace Memorial Museum had on me. Despite the sadness, it was heart-warming to learn about how the Japanese pulled together to rebuild their cities, and have continued to promote peace as a nation, as well as pass on this message to subsequent generations.

Photos of Layla

Layla at Miyajima Island Layla at Miyajima Island
Layla enjoying the cultural experience of Kyoto, Japan Layla enjoying the cultural experience of Kyoto, Japan
Layla learning how to make sushi in Kyoto, Japan Layla learning how to make sushi in Kyoto, Japan

Photos taken by Layla

Matsumoto Castle, Japan Matsumoto Castle, Japan
Sunset in Shiretoko Sunset in Shiretoko
Matsumoto castle Matsumoto castle
Sushi & Tempura Sushi & Tempura
MELT Bar & Grill MELT Bar & Grill
Double room Double room
Twin room Twin room
Ainu folk village Ainu folk village
Inner garden Inner garden
Surrounding area Surrounding area
View of Lake Akan View of Lake Akan
Northern Peoples Museum Northern Peoples Museum