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Caz in Quito, Ecuador


South America & Antarctica Specialist

Caroline was introduced to the wonders of travel at an early age by her parents who set sail on their sailing boat around the Mediterranean for a number of years. She has a Media Communications degree so it is no surprise that she is very keen on films, photography and music.

In 2006 she took up scuba diving and embarked on a career and life changing trip to Southeast Asia to become a scuba diving instructor. She travelled extensively throughout the region and in 2008 returned to the home to fulfil her dreams of working in the travel industry, starting life at Audley. In 2013 she flew over to North America and became one of the founding members of our now well-established Boston office.

During this time, she also expanded her knowledge of this corner of the world, as well as venturing further south to Central and South America. Returning to the UK in 2015, she is now one of our Senior South and Central America specialists. She has recently returned to Audley after taking a little time out to have a little boy (Austin) who is now the centre of her universe. He is fast becoming a little jetsetter — just like his parents.

Caroline is also a qualified personal trainer and life coach who enjoys keeping fit, cooking healthy food and playing with Austin.

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What a fabulous trip you and your team arranged for me! My trip went flawlessly from start to finish

Child snapped on Laurie Glassman's trip to Malaysia

Laurie Glassman travelled to Malaysia for 14 days in January 2015, organised by Caroline

What a fabulous trip you and your team arranged for me! My trip went flawlessly from start to finish. I felt that I received the highest quality personal service from you and your team in the U.S. You were perfectly organized, inspired confidence, and followed through at all times to avoid any glitches. This was very important to me as a first-time solo traveller. The local representatives, guides and drivers were always prompt, extremely courteous, friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. They did everything in their power to ensure that I was able to see and do everything on my agenda, and more. The hotels were first rate in every location — excellent locations, service, accommodations and food. I feel exceedingly fortunate to have had Audley Travel arrange this trip for me. In fact, I was so impressed with your company’s service that I decided to have Audley Travel arrange my very next solo trip, to Myanmar and Laos.
Land iguana, Galapagos Islands

I recommend visiting - The Galapagos Islands, Galapagos Islands

The highlight of most people's Ecuador trip is usually the unique Galapagos Islands, and mine was no exception.

These fascinating islands are both beautiful and each of them are wonderfully different. The innocence of the wildlife and the fact that humans are almost totally invisible to the many different species on the islands is just extraordinary. These uninhabited islands are a wondrous place on Earth that feels totally distant from civilisation. The vast lava fields and arid landscape only adds to the Euphoria you feel when you land on the shores of these incredibly special islands.

Mashpi Lodge

I recommend staying at - Mashpi Lodge, Ecuador

First Class

Situated in Ecuador's Cloudforest a few hours north of Quito, this lodge is unique to the region and the first of its kind in Ecuador.

The lodge itself is set within a 4.6 square miles (12 square kilometres) private reserve in the Tumbes-Chocó-Magdalena bio-region. The driveway is the longest I have ever seen but once you reach the lodge you will be delighted with what you find. I have chosen this property as my favourite both because of the location but also due to its comfort and quality.

The main building is of contemporary design and only has capacity for 44 guests in 22 rooms. The floor to ceiling windows in each room allow for your own private view of the cloud forest. The slick management, the clean and comfortable rooms and the excellent food all make this property even more special.

The Cloudforest is on your doorstep and the excursions and activities allow for very interesting exploration of the reserve and its inhabitants. This is a bird lovers paradise as many areas are set up with telescopes.

I'll never forget when…

On my last full day exploring the Galapagos we enjoyed a wet landing at Darwin Bay on Genovesa Island. I left my towels on the beach while I went off to explore the beautiful scenery and nesting birds, and when I came back a found a pair of lava gulls had started nesting right next to my towels. I watched in delight as they went about their business picking up pieces of shell and depositing them in unison next to my towels. They were totally undeterred by my presence and I sat down for what seemed like hours watching them. This was a truly unique wildlife experience and one that I have thought about many times since.

Photos of Caroline

  • Caroline with iguanas in the Galapagos Islands Caroline with iguanas in the Galapagos Islands
  • Caroline with a cocoa farmer in Minga, Ecuador Caroline with a cocoa farmer in Minga, Ecuador
  • Caroline in Colca Canyon, Peru Caroline in Colca Canyon, Peru
  • Caroline at Machu Picchu, Peru Caroline at Machu Picchu, Peru
  • Caroline at Napo Wildlife Centre, Ecuador Caroline at Napo Wildlife Centre, Ecuador
  • Caroline with a giant tortoise in the Galapagos Islands Caroline with a giant tortoise in the Galapagos Islands