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Dan cooking tea near Chiang Mai, Thailand

Dan, Southeast Asia Specialist

After residing in Bangkok in Thailand for five years as an international real estate investment strategist, Dan decided that the time was finally right to reignite his passion for travel and pursue a far more fulfilling career with Audley.

Prior to real estate Dan was an avid traveller, having spent eight months exploring the entire Southeast Asian peninsula with a five month stint in Koh Tao, operating as a dive master. A two year stretch in Australia followed, where he balanced his time between employment in Sydney and extensive travel throughout the Land Down Under.

During his five year stint in Thailand he took a seven month sabbatical to explore Vietnam, which included an extensive motorbike journey along the Ho Chi Minh Trail. This vastly enhanced his knowledge and understanding of Vietnam's culture, history as well as some of its more unique travel experiences. He has also explored various sections of Thailand on two wheels so is well positioned to answer any questions related to both these destinations.

When not travelling Dan is a devoted football fan, He also loves the great outdoors and often embarks on mini trekking, camping and biking adventures.

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Audley Travel specialist Dan

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I'll never forget when…

After growing up on Michael Palin documentaries I was always destined to travel but it wasn't until I reached the pristine shores and turquoise seas of Koh Tao that I realised one of my true passions, scuba diving.

I was fortunate enough to be able to reside on Koh Tao for several months, spending my days snorkelling, caving, free and scuba diving. For the outgoing, the appropriately named Shark Bay offers people the opportunity to snorkel with grey reef sharks and turtles just 400m from Haadtien Beach. If you're able to scuba dive the surrounding reefs are alive with various marine life including trigger fish, turtles, angel fish, moray eels, clown fish (think of Nemo) and if you're lucky and it's the right time of season, whale sharks too.

Once out of the water there are many bars and restaurants to relax in with regular evening fire shows being one of the highlights. I've seen these all over Southeast Asia but the Koh Tao fire shows for me were by far the best.

Photos of Dan

Dan on the Peninsula Hotel helipad in Bangkok, Thailand Dan on the Peninsula Hotel helipad in Bangkok, Thailand
Dan enjoying an evening's entertainment at Lisu Lodge, Thailand Dan enjoying an evening's entertainment at Lisu Lodge, Thailand