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Audley specialist Jonathan


Vietnam & Cambodia Specialist

As a kid I was always wholly absorbed with other countries and cultures. So, when I had the opportunity to spend a few months in Japan in my early 20s I jumped at the chance, and it changed my perspective on why I wanted to earn money.

Whilst my friends would be buying the latest phone or expensive clothes, I would be saving every extra penny I could for my next trip. The results are vivid and exciting memories, like ballooning over the Valley of the Kings, seeing the Aurora Borealis from a hot spring surrounded by snowy tundra, learning to dive on the Great Barrier Reef — the list goes on and on.

But it was swimming with phosphorescence just of the coast of Cambodia that I fell completely in love with Southeast Asia. The food and people are simply intoxicating and bring me back time and time again. In my opinion no one can see and experience 'enough' of Southeast Asia.

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Audley specialist Jonathan

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Q&A with Jonathan

Exploring Hang En cave at Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park, Vietnam

What’s your most vivid travel moment?

I’ll never forget going caving in Vietnam. After a day of trekking through the rainforest we reached the first plunge point. I was at the head of the line and the guide told me to go for it and follow the rope line. The next thing I knew I was in an underground river, being taken by the current through the inside of a mountain. In every direction I looked my headlight would reveal stalactites that were hundreds if not thousands of years old, and occasionally the beam would just dissipate into the darkness as you past points of the cave that were big enough to house cathedrals. I was awed.

Orangutan in Bukit Lawang

Where would you love to travel next?

Borneo is very much next on my bucket list. There are few places in the world with the diversity of wildlife that Borneo has, and the possibility of seeing wild orangutans has been a dream since childhood.

Angkor Wat

Your best piece of travel advice?

As a Cambodia specialist I’m going to share some advice about Angkor Wat. Split visiting this and the other temples over a couple of days if possible, and aim to get there as early in the morning as you can stomach. If you head out early, not only will you run into fewer tourists, but it will be cooler whilst you walk around the different temples and catching the sunrise while you’re there makes it even more memorable.