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Local Malmö walking tour with Malmö Castle

From the Dutch-Renaissance buildings of Gamla Staden to the ultra-modern waterfront of Västra Hamnen, this walking tour offers the chance to really get to know Malmö with a private guide. Your itinerary will be individually adapted to your specific interests, but throughout the morning you’ll see the city’s major sights and learn more about their importance.

You might begin at the Øresund bridge, featured in the Nordic noir TV show The Bridge, or at the Gamla kyrkogården, an unusual combination of cemetery and manicured park. You’re also likely to see the Slottsmöllan, a historical mill, as well as the bronze shoe sculptures along David Hall Bridge. For those interested in history, a highlight is a chance to enter Malmöhus Castle, which dates to the 1530s. In the Knight’s Hall, you can see the regalia of the order of Saint Knut.

Malmö is a dynamic, cosmopolitan city with more than 150 nationalities represented, particularly in its cafés, restaurants and bars. This privately guided walking tour will introduce you to the city’s many faces and help you get your bearings. Your guide will meet you at your hotel and spend some time discussing exactly what you want to see on the walk, which will be tailored to your particular interests.

The Øresund bridge, which connects Malmö to Copenhagen, helped to kickstart the city’s recent renaissance and is a vital stop for anyone interested in the city’s more modern history. It’s also the namesake of the taut TV murder mystery, The Bridge. You may also want to see the neo-futurist Turning Torso, the tallest building in Scandinavia and the first of the twisting skyscrapers in the world.

Those interested in more distant history will likely enjoy the brightly painted houses of Gamla Staden (the old town). The region dates to the heady days of the Dutch Renaissance, packed densely with gabled buildings that face onto cobblestone streets.

Another highlight is Malmöhus Castle. The first Malmöhus was commissioned in 1434 by King Eric of Pomerania, but that original structure was demolished in the early 16th century and a new one was built in its place during the 1530s by King Christian III of Denmark. This fortress was one of the most important strongholds of the region and the exhibits inside examine its vital role in Sweden’s history.

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