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If you’re looking forward to travelling again but want full flexibility in your plans, we promise you can book with us in absolute confidence.

Flexibility 45 days before departure

You have complete freedom to rearrange your trip without any cost, up to 45 days before you’re due to depart, when you book by 31st December 2020 and travel by 31st December 2022. That means we’ll move your travel dates or switch you to another destination at no expense to you.*

*If changing FCDO advice affects your trip, including updated rules on quarantining, and you’re unable to rearrange your trip to a future date, we’ll offer you a full refund 45 days before you’re due to depart.

*Additional charges may be incurred based on changes to your trip such as accommodation and/or seasonality.

14 day cancellation on European destinations

We’ll give you the flexibility to book a trip to any of our European destinations with complete confidence. For all European countries including Belgium, Croatia, Greece, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Portugal, Scotland, Spain and Turkey, you can cancel your trip up to 14 days before you’re due to depart and still receive a full refund, when you book by 31st December 2020 and travel by 14th December 2021.