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We are planning our honeymoon in February 2013 and are not sure where to go. We want a peaceful and relaxing time but we don’t want to be in one place, sitting on a beach for the whole two weeks. We would still like to do things and see a bit of the country. Where would you suggest?

View from a Riceboat, Backwaters Kerala


Dear Laura,

The south of India (Kerala area) offers a wonderfully relaxed trip and the weather should be great in February. You could spend a few days relaxing on a traditional rice barge floating around Kerala's backwaters, admiring the scenery and wildlife, and enjoying the sunshine. You could also go to the town of Cochin for a bit of colonial history.

The area is also renowned for its Ayurvedic healing if you wanted some wellbeing therapy. For a contrast, head into the cooler mountains for some wonderful scenery and light walks in tea plantations if you wish. With India's extensive coastline, there are also plenty of seafront hotels to choose from if you want some time by the sea — keep it interesting with a couple of days on different beaches.

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