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Audley Travel welcomes a new Responsible Travel and Sustainability Manager

Published: 09/01/2019   /   Updated: 12/07/2020

Audley Travel welcomes a new Responsible Travel and Sustainability Manager

Boston, MA — Audley Travel recently appointed Heather Magnussen as their new Responsible Travel and Sustainability Manager. Having already been with the company for three years as a Regional Sales Manager and Europe Product Manager, Heather transitioned into the position in September and will be developing both Audley’s responsible travel policies and internal green business initiatives. She has always been passionate about sustainability and helping support local communities around the world. Heather completed her undergraduate with a degree in Business Management, and has a Certificate in Gender Leadership, and Public Policy.

Sustainability has long been a part of how Audley operates, with ongoing projects including: carbon offsetting all employee flights and offering the same to all clients, supporting an annual charity (past years have include Me to We and Shelterbox), developing strict animal and child welfare policies and only offering experiences that fit these parameters, and generally valuing off-the-beaten path travel experiences over well-trodden routes that are damaging the destinations visited.

Audley travelers are often vocal about their desire to travel responsibly and the company works hard to consider client feedback and respond to their observations. By hiring a Responsible Travel and Sustainability Manager, Audley is taking further steps to develop their existing policies, respond to client feedback faster, communicate more effectively with their clients about ongoing fundraising efforts and sustainable changes that are taking place, and evaluate internal business choices to make sure that the company’s environmental impact is minimal. Audley is also working toward a Travel Life Partnership which will require producing an annual report on sustainable efforts that ensures that the company is meeting industry standards.