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Step outside of time in Australia’s Northern Territory

There’s no word for ‘time’ in any of the Aboriginal languages — and that starts to make sense in the Northern Territory. It’s almost as if the relentless pace of modern life breaks down here and remoteness takes on a new meaning. You can gaze upon seemingly never-ending, rust-red Outback, or soar over monsoon forests and waterfalls on a private helicopter tour. Skim across a billabong at dawn, water and bird calls the only soundtrack. Or, dine on gourmet bushtucker fare as you watch the sun set over the immense folded knuckle of Uluru, and an Anangu storyteller weaves their world for you out of words.

The whole region is steeped in the rich, complex web of the Dreaming: the philosophy of the Aboriginal people who’ve been the custodians of these lands since beyond living memory. With one of our most experienced, trusted guides and the permission of the local Yolngu people, you can enter Arnhem Land to see millennia-old rock art and deeply sacred sites, gaining an intimate understanding of Aboriginal culture.

This unfathomably vast, enigmatic heart of Australia is within reach. You can fly to the gateway city of Darwin via Singapore in under 19 hours to sidestep your everyday and enter the timeless land of the Northern Territory.

Trip ideas for exploring Northern Territory

Where to stay in Northern Territory

  • Bamurru Plains Lodge, Bamurru Plains

    Bamurru Plains

    Bamurru Plains overlooks floodplains and is a unique luxury lodge that brings a touch of style to a remote and beautiful part of Australia.

  • Outdoor lounging at Bullo River Station

    Bullo River Station

    The Bullo River Station combines remote, stunning wilderness with comfort, style and a fascinating insight into the colourful lifestyle of a true Australian.

  • Longitude 131

    Longitude 131°

    Opulent, stylish and occupying an unsurpassed position in one of the most spiritual places in Australia, the marvellous Longitude 131° luxury lodge has fifteen elevated safari-inspired tents.

Things to do in Northern Territory

  • Your transport awaits, The Kimberley

    Kakadu Helicopter Safaris

    A Kakadu Helicopter Safari is one of the world’s most amazing experiences. Imagine skimming over vast wetlands, landing on isolated beaches miles from anywhere, or swimming in clear freshwater pools fed by waterfalls since time immemorial.

  • Sounds of Silence dinner, Uluru

    Sounds of Silence Dinner

    In front of you is the fabled Uluru; behind you are the domes of Kata Tjuta and, possibly the most spectacular sunset you have ever seen. Here you enjoy sparkling wine and a selection of delectable canapés whilst a local didgeridoo player explains and performs this traditional aboriginal instrument.

  • Waterlillies, Yellow Waters

    Yellow Water Nature Cruise

    The large landlocked billabong Yellow Water gained its name from the algal bloom found floating on its surface and has become renowned for the abundant wildlife and birdlife that flock to these floodplains.

Northern Territory in pictures

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