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In an age when most are now acutely aware of the impact we're having on the planet and its resources, Sustainable Travel is coming to the fore as a major consideration when choosing accommodation.

Chumbe Lodge, Zanzibar
Chumbe Lodge, Zanzibar

We have selected ten of the best properties from across all our programmes that take Sustainable Travel to heart.

These are properties that either protect the environment or offer some other type of social or economic benefit to the local community in which they're situated.

In other words, we believe that it is still possible to combine good ethics with style, comfort and character.

Knapdale Eco Lodge, Gisborne1. Knapdale Eco Lodge

Eastland and Gisborne, New Zealand

Knapdale Eco Lodge provides the perfect combination of great accommodation, superb hosting, and a real working farm experience. The owners have invested huge efforts into planting native trees to encourage the birdlife. You are encouraged to wander the grounds to meet the chickens, sheep, cattle, emus and deer, assist with feeding or planting, or gather fruit for a freshly squeezed juice.

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Uakari Floating Lodge2. Uakari Floating Lodge

The Amazon Rainforest, Brazil

Uakari Floating Lodge in Brazil is run by local people and supports the Mamirauá Institute. Apart from research into this part of the Amazon Basin, the Institute works with natural resource management implementing forestry, fisheries, handicrafts, agriculture, and ecotourism management.

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Morgans Rock Ecolodge, Morgans Rock3. Morgan’s Rock Hacienda & Eco Lodge

San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

Morgan’s Rock Hacienda and Eco Lodge offers guests beautifully designed solar-powered bungalows, built using local materials. In addition, there are ongoing tree farming, conservation and reforestation projects that extend over 1,800 hectares.

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Chumbe Island Lodge, Chumbe Island4. Chumbe Island Lodge

Chumbe Private Island, Zanzibar

Chumbe Island Lodge is a perfect example of responsible tourism. Seven ingeniously designed bandas are tucked into the vegetation, overlooking the beach and each has been designed to catch and filter its own rainwater.

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Views from Mountain Camp, Etendeka Walking Trail5. Etendeka Camp

Damaraland, Namibia

Etendeka Camp is located on the open Etendeka lava plains. Surrounded by dramatic scenery, this simple, rustic lodge is run on energy generated by solar panels. The showers at the camp are bucket showers in keeping with the rustic, low impact style. There are good populations of game at this camp including desert elephant, mountain zebra, giraffe and springbok.

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Deluxe Ger Tent, Three Camel Lodge, Gobi Gurvansaikhan National Park6. Three Camel Lodge

The Gobi Desert, Mongolia

Three Camel Lodge represents the finest accommodation available in the Gobi region of Mongolia. Based on a traditional ger, the centre of Mongolian life, it is the end-design of centuries spent living on the exposed steppes. Each ger is heated by a central wood-burning stove and the felt walls ensures excellent insulation. The camp has toilet and shower facilities, as well as personable restaurant, where long evenings can be spent in a nomadic atmosphere.

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Pool, Hotel Punta Islita, Punta Islita7. Punta Islita

Northern Pacific Coast, Costa Rica

Punta Islita is a wonderful, peaceful place to stay to end the perfect trip to Costa Rica. Apart from the location, service and quality of the hotel we love it for its model approach to responsible tourism.

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Boatlanding Guesthouse, Luangnam Tha8. Boat Landing Guesthouse

Nam Tha River, Laos

Boat Landing Guesthouse is a delightful, eco-friendly guesthouse, perched on the banks of the Nam Tha River. It provides its own energy from solar panels and also supports and promotes many local wildlife projects in the nearby Nam Ha National Park.

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Mela Kothi - Chambal Safari Lodge, Chambal Sanctuary9. Chambal Safari Lodge

Chambal Sanctuary, India

Chambal Safari Lodge is active in promoting conservation and environment management projects, contributing part of the proceeds from their safaris to the upkeep of these projects. Indigenous trees and shrubs are planted every year to supplement the existing growth and the team at the lodge have helped create check-dams in the ravines and large ponds for collecting and storing rainwater.

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Young bucks playfighting, Cape Otway Conservation Centre10. The Great Ocean Ecolodge

Apollo Bay, Australia

The Great Ocean Ecolodge was designed and built to showcase environmentally wise products and philosophies, from its soaps and shampoos through to its solar panels and careful business practices, all with the aim of causing minimal impact on the surrounding environment.

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Sustainable Travel with Audley

Audley has been awarded five stars by AITO for sustainable tourism. This is the highest level possible and reflects the importance that we place on travelling responsibly.

For more on all aspects of Sustainable Travel with Audley, visit our Sustainable Travel section.

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