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As the approaching winter begins to make its mark on the British landscape, we've taken a look at some other destinations around the globe that boast spectacular autumn scenery.

Autumnal scenery in Wanaka, New Zealand
Autumnal scenery in Wanaka, New Zealand
  • Arrowtown, New Zealand

    Arrowtown, New Zealand

    The tree-lined main street of Arrowtown gives away its rich gold-mining past, where well-preserved colonial buildings and wooden churches and stores still stand. Situated at the heart of New Zealand's southern lake district, Arrowtown enjoys four distinct seasons, but it is during autumn when this pretty town finds its true colors, with deciduous trees displaying green, yellow and bright orange hues.

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  • Rippon Vineyard, Wanaka

    Wanaka, New Zealand

    Resting on the southern shore of a lake sharing its name, Wanaka enjoys one of the most beautiful backdrops in the whole of New Zealand's south island. The towering, snow-capped peaks of Mount Aspiring National Park reflect perfectly in the still water, and in the autumn the willow and poplar trees that line the lake turn vivid shades of yellow and gold.

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  • Geisha in backstreets of Kyoto

    Kyoto, Japan

    Japan's capital city of old, Kyoto showcases ancient Japanese temples and ornate palaces, yet manages to keep up with its fast moving neighbors by weaving a new, contemporary culture in with the old. In the autumn months, the maple and ginkgo trees that line the streets and historic squares give the city a distinct new season with a display of vibrant red, orange and yellow leaves.

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