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Making friends with the local children, Me to We Kenya

Experience Life in a Rural Maasai Village

ME to WE provides you with the opportunity to experience life with locals in rural Kenya, working on sustainable projects that benefit these communities in the longer term.

Experience Life in a Rural Maasai Village, Kenya

A stay at Bogani, near the Masai Mara, offers a unique opportunity to get to grips with what life is really like in rural Kenya. This is far more in-depth, interactive and rewarding than a typical village tour and allows you to spend time with Maasai villages over the course of three days.

Each day is different and your guides will be the Maasai mamas of the village who show you their daily chores, invite you to collect water with them, make their traditional beaded jewellery and visit their school.

Bogani has been set up to accommodate visitors looking to see more of Kenya than just its incredible wildlife and pure white sandy beaches. The country has a rich cultural heritage and often a short visit to a village which sees tourists day-in-day-out doesn’t really scratch the surface and leaves visitors disappointed. By spending several days, visiting different villages in the Bogani region, you will come away with a full understanding about the challenges of life in a rural Maasai community, having heard real stories first-hand.

The lodge works with a sustainable development charity which helps these villages to improve their health, sanitation, education, agricultural education and clean water, but the village elders and Maasai mamas are the ones who lead the charge in changing their future.

There is very comfortable accommodation at Bogani, either staying in a spacious tented room or a family cottage. The cost of your stay here also includes a significant contribution to the local projects.

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