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Audley Travel reveals new research into the premium travel market

Published: 02/11/2023   /   Updated: 02/11/2023

In a first-of-a-kind report by the tour operator, the premium market appears to be standing strong.

Tailor-made tour operator and luxury specialist Audley Travel is today sharing compelling insight into the premium travel market following research into the space, unveiling consumers’ current and future travel preferences in an industry that appears to be thriving.

Researchers for the ‘Premium Travel Report’, the first report of its kind commissioned by Audley, spoke to travellers in the UK spread across all ages and locations. The research revealed that despite the current economic climate the average spend on a two-week trip (including travel, accommodation and activities) was almost £5,000 per person (£4,977.21), with 41 per cent expecting to spend more on trips than in the past, and 10 per cent expecting this to be more than double their spend five years ago.

When asked what was important about their holiday, 53 per cent want to travel to destinations they haven’t been before, with over half (54 per cent) preferring to be around as few other groups as possible, and 49 per cent placing importance on wanting to only spend time with their travel companions. Intrinsically 53 per cent of those asked want to spend time with local guides on their trip and grow their destination knowledge from an authentic source.

Zoning into flight class and hotel ratings, 55 per cent travelled in economy on their last trip, 30 per cent in premium economy, nine per cent business and six per cent in first. With regards to accommodation, 44 per cent stayed in a four-star hotel, and 31 per cent in a five-star hotel on their last trip. Unsurprisingly at the uber-lux end of the scale, only one per cent stayed in a six- or seven-star hotel.

Western Europe has been the most popular region for trips over the last five years for UK travellers, and remains so for intended trips in the next two years. Looking ahead to future travel, 63 per cent expect to travel long haul within the next year and 56 per cent plan months or years in advance.

Placing importance on having advice from someone with specialist expertise on their chosen destination when they book was mentioned by three-quarters of those asked (75 per cent), and 57 per cent want sustainable travel options — a key component of an Audley trip.

Nick Longman, CEO at Audley Travel said, “Our approach to expanding our offering and service is centred around listening to our clients and designing trips around their needs — something that has long been the Audley way.

“In the bid to continue our search for excellence in this area, we were intrigued to conduct a wider insight piece into the premium travel industry to help broaden our overview of the space and anticipate what might be next on the horizon.

“The results are certainly encouraging for the industry as a whole — showing that investment in a trip is still a priority for travellers, with a large proportion (41 per cent) still expecting to spend more on trips than in the past, and that wanderlust is still strong with over half wanting to travel to destinations they haven’t been to before.”

Notes to Editors

The research was designed by Audley Travel and PA Consulting and was conducted with 2,000 respondents aged over 18 who have taken a holiday abroad in the last five years and plan to in the next 12 months and be willing to spend at least £2,000 per person on a two-week international holiday. Past travel with Audley was not a requirement to take part in the research, and the majority have not travelled with Audley. The research was conducted in March 2023.

The full report is available from the main page of the media centre.