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Nepal is home to some of the most spectacular mountain scenery in the world, and trekking is a fantastic way of getting closer to these wonderful views.

Trekking gives you a fascinating insight into a way of life far removed from roads, electricity and many trappings of modern life; a place where religion - generally Buddhist, Hindu and the animist Bon faith - is the central focus.

We can organise a variety of treks. Most of which are less strenuous and more luxurious than the word 'trek' typically conjures up. You can choose from day-walks to two week hikes, with a wide range of accommodation from high-quality tents off-the-beaten-track to comfortable lodges in more accessible areas.

All the arrangements, no matter what type of trek you choose, are private. This means that you can walk at your own pace, ask questions of your expert local guide, stop to take pictures, or simply take a little rest.

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