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The options are endless when it comes to walking and trekking, however, the pace of your trip will very much depend on how much time you would like to dedicate to these activities.

There are a number of walking and trekking options around the world that are simply too special to ignore and below we have selected what we feel are a must for anyone with a keen interest in walking and trekking.

Machu Picchu, Peru

Machu Picchu

‘Discovered’ by Hiram Bingham in 1911 although known to local farmers, Machu Picchu’s isolation protected it from the conquistadors. Here, we detail some of the features you can see at the site, as well as short hikes around the ruins.

Beach, Queen Charlotte Sound

Queen Charlotte Track Freedom Walk - 4/5 Days

Board the motor launch that will take you to famous Ship Cove where Captain Cook visited five times to reprovision his ship. From Ship Cove the track climbs, giving you unsurpassed views to the North Island.

The Monastery, Petra


The hidden city of Petra offers a well-preserved glimpse into the Nabatean Empire. On a visit, you can climb to the High Place of Sacrifice, marvel at the acoustics in the amphitheatre and admire the shifting shades of red and pink in the Siq at sunrise.

Volcan Arenal, Costa Rica

Arenal Volcano Hike

This easy and manageable hike will allow you to enjoy the most extraordinary view of the Arenal Volcano as you walk along the base of this marvellous 'Mountain of Fire'. See recent lava flows and rock formations and learn about the big eruption of 1968.

Silverback gorilla, Volcanoes National Park

Gorilla Tracking

Gorilla Tracking Mountain gorilla tracking is one of Africa's most superb wildlife experiences. It is difficult to describe the exhilaration attached to fist setting eyes on a wild mountain gorilla.