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Some friends told me that they visited Costa Rica and part of the tour took them down river, rafting, to a lodge that was only accessible by boat. This sounds brilliant and I wondered if you do this as part of an itinerary and what sort of price it would be?

Pacuare Lodge, Pacuare Lodge


Dear Barbara,

Your friends can only be talking about Pacuare Lodge, one of our favorite jungle accommodations. After a first night in San José, heading straight there is an exciting way to start your vacation to Costa Rica and an easy way to fit it into your itinerary.

Pacuare is a beautiful secluded hotel accessible mainly by raft, although you can also take a helicopter there if you want a bird's-eye view of the area! There is no electricity at the lodge (hot water is provided by solar power) and all food and amenities are brought to the lodge daily by cargo boat, so you can expect delicious fresh food and a wonderful candlelit setting at night.

Situated right by Pacuare River, this is the place to go for some of the best white-water rafting Central America has to offer. Late November weather conditions can mean rafting is not possible, so try to avoid visiting at this time if rafting is of high importance to you. However, it is also a lovely place to stay if you are looking for some peace and quiet and a bit of an immersive jungle experience. Pricewise, I would expect a two week itinerary including Pacuare Lodge to start at around $3,500 per person.

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