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Lemanak Longhouse

Lemanak Longhouse

Batang Ai, Borneo

Spending a night with one of the Iban tribes in their traditional longhouse home provides an experience unlike any other. You will probably sleep on the floor in the communal living area with a simple mattress and mosquito net as your only comforts. There are 'bathrooms' but you should not expect too much and they may not have running water. What the accommodation lacks in facilities is made up for by the hospitality of the Iban people and the experience of a way of life that few people today could ever imagine.

This longhouse has not been set up for tourists. It is the permanent home of the Iban tribe and therefore we would ask you to respect their customs and traditions. If there has been a recent death then you will not be able to stay in our first choice longhouse. Please understand there is no way we can predict this and due to the remote location you will probably not find out until you have made the journey. Your guide will look after you and ensure alternative arrangements using a different longhouse run smoothly. There may be other travelers staying at the same time as you, but never more than 10, and very often you will be the only ones there.

This is a unique experience but there are a few things to bear in mind when staying in a traditional longhouse in the middle of the rainforest: there will be bugs and insects and potentially larger animals in the area. You may not get the best night's sleep as the Iban tribe may be celebrating with 'tuak' (rice wine), dancing and singing which they will welcome you to get involved in! If you bring a pack of cards you may like to teach some of the tribe a couple of your favorite games. The sounds of the rainforest may also keep you awake. There may be leaks in the roof with heavy rainfall. The longhouse will be dark and smoky because paraffin lamps are used for lighting. A torch is essential and we would suggest you shower before it gets dark. You will be provided with a towel and simple bedding. Your meals with the Iban will be simple but tasty jungle fare cooked by your guide and special requests will be impossible to guarantee (but we will try!). Due to the simple bathroom facilities we would recommend taking your own tissues, some dry hand wash gel and a towel from your last hotel (though one will be provided for you). You must also be aware that there is no real privacy in the longhouse. The majority of our specialists have stayed in an Iban longhouse so please ask if you have questions as it is important you know what to expect.


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