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Nubian men smoking a waterpipe

Egypt tours

Nubian men smoking a waterpipe

These itineraries are designed to give you some suggestions for what is possible when you travel in Egypt, and they showcase some of the routes that we've found work particularly well.

Egypt tours

Egypt tours

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  • View, Mövenpick Resort El Quseir

    Cairo & the Red Sea family adventure

    • Marvel at the Pyramids of Giza and ride a camel across the iconic Giza plateau for some memorable family photos.

    • Enjoy a food tour through downtown Cairo and sample delicious local street food as well as hearty Egyptian classic dishes.

    • Privately tour the National Egyptian Museum and see fascinating artifacts including Tutankhamun's iconic death mask.

    • Head out snorkeling or diving with your family on the amazingly colorful reefs of the Red Sea.

    • Stay at the Movenpick El Quseir which offers a range of activities and fun for all the family.

    8 days from $5,165pp

  • Karnak, Egypt

    Luxury Luxor & Red Sea beaches

    • Relax and unwind in the serenity of Al Moudira Hotel, on the west banks of the Nile.

    • Tour Luxor's West Bank tombs with your private expert guide and explore their well-preserved decoration and hieroglyphics.

    • Visit the vast temple complexes at Luxor and Karnak, and be amazed by the Great Hypostyle Hall boasting 134 vertical columns.

    • Relax and unwind at the most luxurious hotel on the Red Sea, The Oberoi Sahl Hasheesh.

    • Snorkel or dive among the tropical fish in the wonderfully bright Red Sea's coral reefs.

    8 days from $5,935pp

  • Temple of Philae, Egypt

    Jordan & a romantic Egyptian Nile cruise

    Jordan and Egypt
    • Join your private, expert guide and marvel at the Nabatean Petra, one of the seven wonders of the modern world.

    • Take a 4x4 tour with a local Bedouin guide across the vast, rocky, awesome landscapes of Wadi Rum.

    • Explore the pyramid complexes at Giza, Saqqara and Dahshur with your private guide.

    • Cruise down the Nile and combine relaxation and culture whilst visiting awe-inspiring, ancient temples dedicated to Ancient Egyptian gods.

    • Dive or snorkel among the first class, pristine reefs and tropical fish of the Red Sea.

    16 days from $10,995pp

  • Edfu Temple, Upper Egypt

    Grand tour of Egypt

    • Privately tour the Pyramids of Giza, the last surviving ancient wonder of the world, Saqqara and Dahshur.

    • Sample a range of local delicacies and sumptuous street food on a tour through downtown Cairo.

    • Take a luxury cruise down the Nile and explore the iconic temples and tombs from Luxor to Aswan.

    • Enjoy afternoon tea at the Sofitel Legend Old Cataract hotel, a historic hotel with splendid views across the Nile.

    • Fly to Abu Simbel to marvel at this awe-inspiring, towering temple complex, dedicated to Ramesses II.

    15 days from $11,655pp


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