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It’s peak summer across Central America and the Caribbean, when days are sunny and hot, and rainfall is at its lowest. Temperatures are rising across the Indian Subcontinent and in Southeast Asia, where you’ll find a comfortable, dry heat that’s ideal for exploring. Southern Africa sees some of its highest temperatures of the year, which is paired with low rainfall across the east and south coasts.

For wildlife: Costa Rica

It’s summer in Costa Rica, with bright, sunny days across the country. The dense cloudforests are filled with birdsong and the screech of howler monkeys, and in the sultry evening heat, you can hear tree frogs chant. The lack of rain makes nature trails easier to tackle, and the jungle is still lush from the previous rainy season.

Type of heat in Costa Rica in February: This is the driest and least humid time to travel, although it’s rainfall that makes Costa Rica’s jungles so lush, so you’re still guaranteed a few short, sharp showers.

Average temperature in Costa Rica in February: 75 - 89°F depending on region

Average daily hours of sunshine in Costa Rica in February: 9 hours

Two-toed sloth, Costa Rica
Two-toed sloth, Costa Rica

For the beach: the British Virgin Islands

As one of the driest months to visit the British Virgin Islands, February brings sunshine across the archipelago’s scattering of islands, islets and offshore reefs. It’s a popular time to travel, but charter your own yacht and you can island-hop between deserted coves and bustling marinas.

Type of heat in the British Virgin Islands in February: Expect warm, clear-skied mornings, with a humidity level that increases through the afternoon, occasionally culminating in a short, sharp shower.

Average temperature in the British Virgin Islands in February: 77°F depending on region

Average daily hours of sunshine in the British Virgin Islands in February: 8 hours

Smugglers Cove, Tortola, British Virgin Islands
Smugglers Cove, Tortola, British Virgin Islands

For the great outdoors: Sri Lanka

For its size, Sri Lanka packs in a variety of landscapes to be explored, from neat rows of tea bushes in Nuwara Eliya to the gnarly outcrops of the Knuckles Mountain Range. Whether you’re looking to hike, cycle or simply relax in a former tea planter’s bungalow, February brings clear skies and temperatures averaging a comfortably warm 80°F.

Type of heat in Sri Lanka in February: Expect clear, sunny skies with generally low levels of humidity, although Sir Laurence Olivier often compared the island’s weather predictability to that of the UK: expect rain at any time.

Average temperature in Sri Lanka in February: 66 - 86°F depending on region

Average daily hours of sunshine in Sri Lanka in February: 9 hours

Nuwara Eliya tea estate
Tea plantations of Nuwara Eliya, Sri Lanka

For culture: Malaysia

With most of Malaysia bathed in sunshine, this is an ideal time of year to tour the cultural highlights of the country. You can explore the UNESCO World Heritage cities of George Town and Malacca, take a walking tour of Kuala Lumpur, and sample tea in the Cameron Highlands, all while the sun shines. Then, relax on the jungle-fringed beaches of Langkawi.

Type of heat in Malaysia in February: Average temperatures sit at a warm 86°F across the country, with very little rainfall — with the exception of the east coast, which is prone to regular showers.

Average temperature in Malaysia in February: 69 - 91°F depending on region

Average daily hours of sunshine in Malaysia in February: 8.5 hours

Malacca, Malaysia

For an epic journey: India

In a country the size of a continent, temperatures can vary massively. In February however, it’s warm and sunny across most of India, from the fortified desert cities of the north to Kerala’s backwaters. The best way to experience this variety? A luxury train journey.

Type of heat in India in February: In Rajasthan the temperature peaks at around 71°F in the daytime, with much cooler evenings. Temperatures increase the further south you go, with Cochin on the southwest coast averaging a balmy 89°F.

Average temperature in India in February: 77°F depending on region

Average daily hours of sunshine in India in February: 11 hours

Traditional fishing nets, Cochin
Fishermen in Cochin, India

If you like it really hot: the Zanzibar Archipelago

January brings almost consistent sunshine across the Zanzibar Archipelago. If you’re looking for a destination where you can simply bask in the heat, the islands are fringed with long stretches of white sand and a range of beach hotels. To cool off, you could take a diving expedition to Pemba or simply snorkel from the coast.

Type of heat in the Zanzibar Archipelago in February: Temperatures tend to hover around 89°F year-round, however the humidity from the previous season’s rains still hangs in the air in February, making it feel particularly hot.

Average temperature in the Zanzibar Archipelago in February: 84 - 94°F depending on region

Average daily hours of sunshine in the Zanzibar Archipelago in February: 8 hours

Fishing dhow, Zanzibar
Fishing dhow, Zanzibar