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Parts of Southeast Asia experience hot, dry conditions, while over in North America, it’s the best time for getting out into the wilderness before the summer crowds hit. Much of Europe is soaked in sunshine, making it a good month for exploring several countries in one trip. Meanwhile, North Africa and the Middle East are guaranteed sunshine and scorching temperatures.

June at a glance

Destination Max. temp. Sunshine hours Average flight time
Borneo Max. temp. 89 °F Sunshine hours 7 hours Average flight time 23 hours (New York to Kuching)
Canada Max. temp. 76 °F Sunshine hours 13 hours Average flight time 1 hour 25 (New York to Toronto)
Italy Max. temp. 87 °F Sunshine hours 11 hours Average flight time 8 hours 25 upwards dependent on airline (New York to Rome)
Dubai Max. temp. 105 °F Sunshine hours 11 hours Average flight time From New York City: 12 hours, from Los Angeles: 16 hours


One of Southeast Asia’s few summer destinations, Borneo is generally hot and dry in June. This is when trees bear their fruit, giving you a better chance of encountering orangutans as they venture closer to paths to forage. It’s also the beginning of the turtle nesting season off Lankayan Island.

Type of heat in Borneo in June: Hot and dry with maximum temperatures of 90°F, but with occasional rain showers along the northern coastline.

Average temperature in Borneo in June: 86°F depending on region

Average daily hours of sunshine in Borneo in June: 7 hours

Average flight time to Borneo: 23 hours (New York to Kuching)


While a year-round destination, Hawaii is in its prime during June, when the sun is overhead and rainfall is at its lowest. It’s also a quieter month than later in the summer, so you’ll find plenty of space to stretch out on the beach, whichever island you head to.

Type of heat in Hawaii in June: A pleasant, dry heat with plenty of sunshine and little rain. Maximum temperatures of 91°F.

Average temperature in Hawaii in June: 80°F depending on region

Average daily hours of sunshine in Hawaii in June: 12 hours

Average flight time to Hawaii: 11 hours (New York to Honolulu)


As spring turns to summer and the last of the ice melts away, Canada becomes a world-class destination for outdoor adventure. In the Rockies you can hike among dense firs and jagged peaks, see waterfalls in full flow, or kayak on spearmint-blue lakes. Or, in British Columbia, search for bears fresh from hibernation.

Type of heat in Canada in June: Pleasantly warm temperatures mean it’s comfortable for outdoor activities without being stifling, and while rain is possible, it’s less frequent than most other months. Temperatures reach a maximum of 77°F

Average temperature in Canada in June: 66°F depending on region

Average daily hours of sunshine in Canada in June: 13 hours

Average flight time to Canada: 1¼ hours (New York to Toronto)

Orient Express, Venice to London or Paris

Enjoy a luxurious overnight journey aboard the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express. In June, the countries you pass through are likely to be bathed in sunshine, giving you wonderful vistas over crisp mountains and green countryside. On either side of your journey, you can explore Venice and either London or Paris, which should have pleasantly warm temperatures.

Type of heat in Europe in June: Warm, if not hot, temperatures and mostly sunny skies are likely in Venice, Paris, and London during June. Maximum temperatures are likely to reach 81°F.

Average temperature in Europe in June: 73°F depending on region

Average daily hours of sunshine in Europe in June: 10 hours

Average flight time to Europe: 8¼ hours (New York to Venice)


Thanks to its desert location, Dubai experiences intensely hot summers. It’s a good time to browse the city’s vast, air-conditioned shopping malls, or to cool off in the sea or your resort’s pool. There’s also plenty to do in the evenings, from a dhow cruise with dinner to a walking tour of Old Dubai.

Type of heat in Dubai in June: Scorching, dry heat and almost guaranteed sunshine, with little-to-no chance of rain, maximum temperatures can reach 105°F. Night-time temperatures drop but are still hot, though hotels are air conditioned.

Average temperature in Dubai in June: 100°F depending on region

Average daily hours of sunshine in Dubai in June: 11 hours

Average flight time to Dubai: 12 hours (from New York)