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April is a good month if you love the kind of heat that makes you feel you’re in a Turkish bath. Cambodia, South India, and Egypt all have constant humidity as well as long, sunshine-filled days at this time of year. If what you’re looking for is a spring-like warmth and freshness, consider South Australia, Peru, and parts of Malaysia.

For wildlife: South Australia

As the summer heat (and rain) recedes, April is a great month for seeing the wildlife of South Australia. On Kangaroo Island it’s mating season for little penguins and the rare glossy black cockatoo. In Flinders Ranges, the temperatures are ideal for exploring this Outback region on bushwalks or by 4x4, looking out for wallabies, kangaroos, and emus.

Type of heat in South Australia in April: The fierce heat of summer has given way to a sunny, usually dry run of weather. There’s no humidity in the air. It’s T-shirt weather by day, but you’ll need layers come evening.

Average temperature in South Australia in April: 66 - 72°F depending on region

Average daily hours of sunshine in South Australia in April: 7 hours

Koala on Kangaroo Island
Koala on Kangaroo Island, Australia

For the beach: Cambodia

Temperatures soar in Cambodia in April, which is one of the reasons it’s so nice to flee to its coast. With the sea mirroring the blue skies above, you can enjoy the unbridled heat by taking dips in the sea and relaxing on Cambodia’s out-of-the-way beaches and private islands.

Type of heat in Cambodia in April: The sun is dazzlingly bright, there’s little rain, and the air is deliciously soupy, though on the coast you might also feel warm sea breezes.

Average temperature in Cambodia in April: 90 - 93°F depending on region

Average daily hours of sunshine in Cambodia in April: 8 hours

Cambodia's south coast
Cambodia's south coast

For the great outdoors: Malaysia

The sun shines brightly in April in Malaysia. In the lushly green Cameron Highlands, it’s warm but not oppressive, making it a good time of year to go walking here among the tea plantations, forests, and waterfalls. There’s the odd (refreshing) rain shower.

Type of heat in Malaysia in April: Humidity is high across the country, including the Cameron Highlands, nearly all year round, though in the highlands expect it to dip in April. You might also experience some breezes.

Average temperature in Malaysia in April: 73 - 91°F depending on region

Average hours of sunshine in Malaysia in April: 7 hours

Tea plantation in the Cameron Highlands
Cameron Highlands, Malaysia

For culture: Peru

April comes at the tail-end of Peru’s wet season, which means that humidity is decreasing and temperatures are pleasant. This spring-like weather lends itself beautifully to touring Peru’s cultural riches, where there’ll be far fewer visitors. Explore the Moche ruins of northern Peru, Cuzco’s Inca heritage and museums, and Lima’s culinary scene.

Type of heat in Peru in April: Expect dry and sunny days in Lima and northern Peru, with little rain and low humidity. It’ll be cooler in Cuzco, but you should be fine in a T-shirt (except at night: bring a fleece).

Average temperature in Peru in April: 77°F depending on region

Average daily hours of sunshine in Peru in April: 7 hours

Cuzco, Peru
Cuzco, Peru

For an epic journey: cruising the Nile in Egypt

Visit Egypt in April, and you’ll have balmy temperatures. It’s a great time to cruise the Nile: the strong but not utterly scorching heat means that stopping off to explore sites like the temples of Karnak and the Valley of the Kings is enjoyable, and you can then retreat to the shade of your vessel.

Type of heat in Egypt in April: Humidity is high and days are long and sun-drenched, but Egypt hasn’t yet hit its ferocious summer peak heat.

Average temperature in Egypt in April: 82 - 95°F depending on region

Average hours of sunshine in Egypt in April: 10 hours

Temple of Philae, Egypt
Temple of Philae, Egypt

If you like it really hot: South India

If you’re happiest in sweltering heat, the south of India has a lot to offer at this time of year, provided you’re okay with the occasional thunderstorm. You could explore the crucible of cultures that is Cochin, Kerala’s backwaters, and the mansions of Chettinad, or simply relax on Kovalam’s low-key beaches.

Type of heat in South India in April: Expect lots of sun and constant high humidity, broken only by the odd storm.

Average temperature in South India in April: 91°F depending on region

Average daily hours of sunshine in South India in April: 8 hours

Kerala Backwaters
Kerala Backwaters, India