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The best time to visit Peru is during the dry season, between May and October, which sees sunny days, bright blue skies in the Andes, and chilly nights. It is a wonderful time to be in Peru, especially if you plan to go on a trek, but being the peak season, early booking is crucial. Visitors will notice more rain between November and April, with the wettest months being January and February. Travel at this time does offer the advantage of fewer visitors, greener scenery, and some lower rates for flights and hotels. The Amazon also experiences more rain between November and March, but this should not deter you from visiting – the flora and fauna will still be abundant and there are always breaks in showers.

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May is a wonderful month to visit Peru – it is lush and green as the rainy season comes to an end, but visitor sites are not as busy as during the festival month of June, or the peak months of July and August. It is my favorite time of year to visit both the Andes and the Amazon.

Lizzie, Latin America Specialist

Peru Climate Guide

Destination Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Arequipa 72°F 1" 72°F 1" 72°F 1" 72°F 0" 72°F 0" 72°F 0" 72°F 0" 72°F 0" 73°F 0" 73°F 0" 73°F 0" 73°F 0"
Colca Canyon 64°F 4" 64°F 4" 64°F 4" 64°F 1" 64°F 0" 64°F 0" 63°F 0" 64°F 0" 66°F 0" 68°F 1" 68°F 1" 66°F 2"
Cuzco 73°F 1" 73°F 1" 73°F 1" 73°F 0" 73°F 0" 73°F 0" 73°F 0" 73°F 0" 75°F 0" 75°F 0" 75°F 0" 75°F 0"
Iquitos 90°F 10" 90°F 10" 88°F 12" 88°F 11" 88°F 11" 88°F 8" 88°F 7" 88°F 7" 90°F 9" 90°F 8" 90°F 10" 90°F 10"
Lima 79°F 0" 81°F 0" 81°F 0" 77°F 0" 72°F 0" 68°F 0" 66°F 0" 66°F 0" 66°F 0" 70°F 0" 72°F 0" 77°F 0"
Machu Picchu 77°F 8" 75°F 9" 77°F 8" 79°F 4" 77°F 1" 77°F 1" 77°F 1" 79°F 1" 77°F 2" 81°F 4" 79°F 5" 77°F 7"
Puno 59°F 6" 59°F 6" 57°F 5" 59°F 2" 57°F 0" 57°F 0" 57°F 0" 59°F 0" 59°F 1" 63°F 1" 63°F 2" 61°F 4"
Sacred Valley 66°F 6" 66°F 5" 66°F 5" 66°F 2" 68°F 0" 66°F 0" 66°F 0" 68°F 1" 68°F 1" 70°F 2" 70°F 3" 66°F 5"
Trujillo 77°F 0" 79°F 0" 79°F 0" 75°F 0" 73°F 0" 70°F 0" 70°F 0" 70°F 0" 70°F 0" 70°F 0" 72°F 0" 75°F 0"

Month-by-month guide to traveling in Peru

Festival Girl in Puno

Visiting Peru in January - April

The wettest time to visit the Andes and the Amazon, with the Inca Trail closing for the month of February. Travel is still possible however, and Machu Picchu remains open - it will just be more challenging for those wishing to trek. As February ends, the Inca Trail re-opens and more visitors begin to arrive; particularly as Easter approaches. This is also a popular period to visit for those wishing to combine Peru with a visit to the Galapagos Islands.

Events & Festivals

  • Feast of the Virgen de la Candelaria (February): The town of Puno on the shores of Lake Titicaca celebrates the feast of the Virgen de la Candelaria over a two week period with folkloric music, dance and spectacular costumes. Read more »
  • Holy Week (March/April): Holy Week brings sombre religious processions to Peru’s towns and cities; particularly notable in Cuzco. Read more »
  • The feast of the Three Kings (6th January): This feast is celebrated across Latin America, but Ollantaytambo in the Sacred Valley is a wonderful place to be. During the ‘Bajada de los Reyes’ the town is overtaken with jubilant processions, music and dance. Read more »

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