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Europe, North America, and the Middle East experience long, hot summer days in July, when sunshine and dry heat provide excellent conditions whether you’re sightseeing, hiking, or relaxing on the beach. The Caribbean is hot and humid, but it’s not yet hurricane season, while many parts of Africa are at their driest and most accessible.

For wildlife: Uganda

Dry conditions, thinner vegetation, and accessible roads make it easier to see Uganda’s wildlife in July. Track mountain gorillas in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, look for chimpanzees in Kibale Forest National Park, or take game drives and boat safaris in Queen Elizabeth National Park to see birdlife, hippo, and rare tree-climbing lion.

Type of heat in Uganda in July: As Uganda has a warm, tropical climate, it can become humid and short thunderstorms are possible, though these are less likely in July.

Average temperature in Uganda in July: 77 - 84°F depending on region

Average daily hours of sunshine in Uganda in July: 7 hours

Silverback gorilla in Uganda
Silverback gorilla, Uganda

For the beach: Croatia

With its bright sunshine, azure waters, and temperatures ideal for sunbathing, Croatia makes for an ideal beach destination in July. You can take private boat trips that allow you to hop between the many islands scattered along the lengthy coast in search of quieter beaches, where you can relax or snorkel.

Type of heat in Croatia in July: Croatia’s regarded as the sunniest place in the Mediterranean, so expect dry, hot days with very little rain followed by pleasantly warm evenings ideal for dining alfresco.

Average temperature in Croatia in July: 73 - 86°F depending on region

Average daily hours of sunshine in Croatia in July: 11 hours

City walls, Dubrovnik
Dubrovnik, Croatia

For the great outdoors: the northern US

July, while one of the busiest times to visit the US, is also one of the most rewarding if you like to immerse yourself in nature. The northern states are particularly pleasant at this time of year, with warm temperatures making for excellent hiking in Yellowstone, Glacier National Park, and New England’s White Mountains.

Type of heat in the US in July: While the South is hot and humid during July, the US’s northern states have a drier heat that creates excellent conditions for outdoor activities. The Southwest also has a dry heat, but temperatures can be scorching.

Average temperature in the northern US in July: 75 - 104°F depending on region

Average daily hours of sunshine in the northern US in July: 9 hours

The Chromatic pool, Yellowstone National Park
Yellowstone National Park, USA

For culture: Jordan

If you don’t mind intense dry heat, Jordan is a rewarding place to visit in July. There’ll be fewer crowds at the country’s cultural sites than during cooler months — explore the Roman ruins of Amman, visit the preserved Graeco-Roman city of Jerash, and enjoy your first glimpse of The Treasury at Petra.

Type of heat in Jordan in July: It’s certainly very hot, but the dry air makes the soaring temperatures more comfortable. Rain is very unlikely.

Average temperature in Jordan in July: 88 - 102°F depending on region

Average daily hours of sunshine in Jordan in July: 13 hours

Petra, Jordan
Petra, Jordan

For an epic journey: Canada

In July, glaciers, ice, and snow have fully melted to reveal Canada’s landscape of mountains, forests, jewel-like lakes, and alpine meadows in full glory. Take it all in on a road trip, pausing to hike lesser-known trails, or cross the country on a scenic train journey from Toronto to Vancouver aboard The Canadian.

Type of heat in Canada in July: Long, often sunny days and the country’s warmest temperatures make July one of the best times to explore Canada — we can help you find quieter corners during this popular month.

Average temperature in Canada in July: 66 - 81°F depending on region

Average daily hours of sunshine in Canada in July: 9 hours

Moraine Lake, Canada
Moraine Lake in Alberta, Canada

If you like it really hot: Jamaica

Jamaica is the warmest of the Caribbean islands, and July’s one of its hottest months. It means you can bask in beach-worthy temperatures by day and sit outdoors late into the evening enjoying the island’s signature spice-heavy food and rum-laced drinks. Beyond the beaches, you could go bamboo rafting or tour Kingston.

Type of heat in Jamaica in July: Hot and humid, Jamaica experiences very warm temperatures day and night in July. Short, sharp downpours usually occur in the afternoon, but are generally followed by more sunshine.

Average temperature in Jamaica in July: 88°F depending on region

Average daily hours of sunshine in Jamaica in July: 8 hours

Montego Bay, Jamaica
Montego Bay, Jamaica