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Trips to book now to avoid disappointment

Published: 01/12/2021   /   Updated: 05/31/2022

With unprecedented pent up travel demand, 2020 trip postponements going back into the calendar, and restricted visitor numbers meaning availability is more limited than usual, bespoke travel specialist Audley Travel is sharing insights into the destinations that clients need to book soon to avoid disappointment.

Africa’s Great Migration

The Great Migration brings travelers to Kenya and Tanzania from around the world to witness this fantastic wildlife spectacle. An ideal trip for those craving lots of space, Audley safaris offer clients a stay in a small, private camp and the guarantee that they will see far more animals than people. With the coveted river crossings taking place mainly in July and August, advance planning is essential to secure a 2021 trip.

A 13-day trip ‘Classic Kenya’ costs from $8,375 per person (for travel in July or August 2021). The price includes accommodation, transfers and excursions. For more information please visit or call 1-866-841-9145.

Journey through the American West

This year has opened US clients’ eyes to the wonders of their own backyard as they’ve looked closer to home for their fix of adventure. The vast open spaces from Yellowstone to Zion are particularly enticing and because visitor numbers in the region’s national parks are restricted, clients can expect a peaceful, uncrowded experience. In 2021, more than ever, visitors will be looking to escape to the region’s national parks and Audley’s specialists advise that accommodation options, be it a room in a secluded hotel or a glamping tent, are already limited.

A 24-day trip ‘National Parks Explored’ costs from $4,820 per person. The price includes accommodation, car hire and excursions. For more information please visit or call 1-866-827-8851.

Search for bears in Canada

The dense forests, island-scattered shorelines and mountains of Canada are an excellent example of true wilderness. The remote mountain cabins and bear-watching lodges on British Columbia’s coast are always popular and require early booking, with demand expected to be even higher than normal for 2021.

A 15-day trip ‘Bears of British Columbia’ costs from $10,175 per person (for travel in June 2021). The price includes accommodation, transfers and excursions. For more information please visit or call 1-866-923-5018.

Cherry blossom in Japan

The cherry blossom season is likely to be missed by international tourists in 2021, so Audley recommends clients start to plan now for 2022. Starting in the southern island of Okinawa in early February and moving north to Hokkaido by the end of May, the pink tinted blooms are a fantastic sight. Audley’s specialists recommend booking a trip for late March to mid-April, when Tokyo, Kyoto and the rest of the main island are in flower.

An eight day trip ‘Japan's cities: Tokyo & Kyoto’ costs from $4,615 per person (for travel in March or April 2022). The price includes accommodation, transfers and excursions. For more information please visit or call 1-866-934-1962.

Germany’s once-a-decade Passion Play

With the long-awaited 42nd Passion Play in Oberammergau delayed until 2022, a few tickets still remain for the more than 100 performances that will take place from May through October. The first play was performed in 1634 as an offering to God to spare them from the plague, and they’ve continued the tradition nearly every decade since.

A 10-day trip visiting Oberammergau and Munich, Germany and Innsbruck and Salzburg, Austria, costs from $6,100 per person (for travel from May to October, 2022). The price includes a ticket to the 42nd Passion Play, accommodation, transfers, excursions and some meals. For more information please visit or call 1-866-964-4971.