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Teotihuacan is a magnificent ancient Toltec city best known for its two main towering pyramids.

Although its incipient period (the first two centuries BC) is poorly understood, archeological data show that the next two centuries were characterized by monumental construction, during which Teotihuacan quickly became the largest and most populous urban center in the New World.


The city seems to have functioned for centuries as a well-developed urban center until its rather sudden collapse, possibly in the seventh century. The place was called Teotihuacan by Nahuatl speakers several centuries after the city's fall, but its original name, the language or languages spoken there, and the ethnic groups who built the city are still unknown.

The pyramids of the sun and moon here are said to rival those of Giza in Egypt and at the city's peak of power between AD350-650, it had many influences on other now ancient sites throughout Mexico and Guatemala especially in relation to the pottery, sculpture and architecture.

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