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Mayan ruins at Uaxactun

From the blog in September 2013

  • Pupils at Paya Ngoto School near Twante in the Ayeyarwady Delta, Burma (Myanmar)

    Charity Begins Abroad

    06 Min Read

    From joining a community project in Kenyato visiting a rebuilt school in Myanmar, getting involved with a local cause can transform your travels. Terry and Ian tell their stories about recent trips, and give advice on how you can help

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  • Mountain gorilla in the rain, Bwindi National Park

    Travellers' Tales: Uganda

    01 Min Read

    Emily Iles travelled to Uganda with Audley. Read about her experiences and take a look at some of the photographs she took along the way.

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  • Cape Tribulation

    Highlights of Australia

    Australia is a vast country and offers a wealth of experiences to travellers from stunning landscapes and diverse wildlife to bustling cities and country towns.

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  • Takachiho Gorge, Kyushu

    Japan’s Lost Island

    04 Min Read

    Beauty and history collide on the oft-forgotten Japanese island of Kyushu. Audley specialist Layla Ramsay guides you to the best places to soak up the island’s ancient culture.

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  • Whale, Mexico

    Whale of a Time

    06 Min Read

    Cacti-dotted desert, colonial towns and some of the world's best whale watching — Mexico's Baja Peninsula has plenty to offer the inquisitive traveller...

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