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Lake in New Zealand

Ten reasons why we love New Zealand

The diversity of the landscape

From sweeping seascapes and soaring mountains to volcanic peaks and rainforest-clad gorges, the scenery in New Zealand is varied and beautiful. Probably one of the best ways to enjoy it is on a bicycle, and our specialists can recommend the best routes and locations to suit your preferences.

Fantastic hospitality

Allegra House, Paihia

Allegra House, Paihia

The friendly locals excel in making you feel welcome, sharing tales, and then sending you on your way feeling like you have made a friend for life. One of our favourite B&Bs is Allegra House, which overlooks Paihia. We receive consistently excellent feedback from our clients and the hosts are fantastic.

The food

Delicious salmon meal, New Zealand

Delicious fresh salmon

You certainly won’t go hungry in New Zealand as the food here is just as diverse as the landscape. Our Wellington Food Tour introduces you to the hidden culinary treasures in the country’s café capital with a personal guide.

The wine

Vineyard, Marlborough, New Zealand

Vineyard, Marlborough

Enjoy a half-day wine tour with an expert guide around the heart of the world-renowned Marlborough wine region, Blenheim or Hawkes Bay.

The outdoor lifestyle

Ideal tramping country

Ideal tramping country

It’s no wonder the Kiwis enjoy the outdoors, with so much space to play with and such stunning surroundings, it’s impossible not to. New Zealanders even have their own name for walking and trekking – ‘tramping’.

The low population

Abel Tasman National Park

Abel Tasman National Park

It’s very easy to get away from it all in New Zealand. With only four million people populating an area similar to the UK, it’s not uncommon to go for a walk and not see another soul. The Abel Tasman National Park is the perfect place to escape into the wilderness.

The abundance of activities

Milford Sound, Fijordland

Milford Sound, Fijordland

The concept of the ‘adrenaline activity’ originated in New Zealand. But if this isn’t your thing you'll always find something of interest, whether it be a scenic boat journey or a cultural performance. We offer a range of activities that means you're never too far away from a new adventure.

The history

Maori culture show

Maori culture show

The traditions and tales of generations of Maori are still evident around the country. This culture, woven with that of the European settlers, makes for an interesting and sometimes dramatic backdrop to today's New Zealand.

The actual kiwis, and other wildlife

A kiwi foraging

A kiwi foraging

New Zealand is home to a plethora of unique and wonderful birdlife, as well as mesmerising marine animals. With conservation a high priority, Stewart and Ulva Islands are ideal places to visit if you're interested in the natural world.

The passion of the New Zealanders for their country

Mount Cook National Park

Mount Cook National Park

There's a strong cultural identity here and it’s easy to come away feeling privileged to have experienced it. Our Classic New Zealand trip idea is the perfect way to experience the best parts of the country and get a feel for why New Zealanders are so rightly proud of where they live.

Plan your trip to New Zealand

Start thinking about your experience. These itineraries are simply suggestions for how you could enjoy some of the same experiences as our specialists. They’re just for inspiration, because your trip will be created around your particular tastes.
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