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Grace in Bergen, Norway


Scandinavia Specialist

My passion for travel began early as a child of parents who were both in the travel industry. Exploring faraway places at a young age fosters a deep appreciation for different cultures and the courage to always seek out new adventures.

Originally from Boston, I chose to get my degree in Media and Communications at a university in London, which allowed me to travel throughout Europe easily and extensively. From here, I discovered and fell in love with Scandinavia, specifically Norway. First, as a quick trip, then I lived just outside Oslo for three months during the COVID lockdown. From cold plunging in the western fjords to breathtaking mountain hikes and ‘cottage culture,’ I quickly fell in love with the Nordic way of life. This inspired me to discover more of what Scandinavia has to offer.

My recent trip to Denmark and Sweden, learning more about the history and what makes each of the Scandinavian countries unique from each other, proved just as incredible.

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Q&A with Grace

Dog sledding in Svalbard

What’s your most vivid travel moment?

A dog sledding tour in Svalbard, near Longyearbyen in northern Norway, took me to incredible underground ice caves. The sled dogs picked up speed fast and barked with energy in the cold Arctic air. Once at the caves, I donned a headlamp to begin the exploration. Beneath the frozen surface, ancient glaciers had shaped unique designs, like nature's own art. Not only a thrilling travel moment but a vivid memory I’ll have with me forever.

Rainbow Bridge and Tokyo Bay, Tokyo

Where would you love to travel next?

I would love to travel to Tokyo, Japan because of my passion for cooking and Asian food. The idea of exploring bustling markets, like the famous Tsukiji Fish Market, trying diverse flavors from street vendors, and diving into the heart of Japanese cuisine and culture has placed Tokyo at the top of my list.

Northern lights over Senja Island

Your best piece of travel advice?

If your aim is to see the northern lights, I highly recommend downloading the Aurora app. This handy tool not only provides an aurora map but also pinpoints the ideal locations for best viewing. The app offers viewing probability as well as cloud coverage. Seek out places with minimal light pollution for more vibrant colors, and let your eyes adjust to fully embrace the mesmerizing dance of the auroras. The right preparation definitely enhances the magic of the magnificent show.