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Mantadia National Park is for the true wildlife enthusiast. Dense mid-altitude rainforest covers a series of hills ranging from 800 to 1,260 meters in altitude.

Towering trees have buttress roots, there are vines, orchids and ferns and at higher altitudes luxuriant growth of mosses and lichens.

Wildlife of Mantadia National Park

Black and white ruffed lemur, MadagascarThe only way to explore Mantadia is on foot. Trails lead through the dense forest, over tree trunks and up and down hills — the land is rarely flat. Walking along you see tiny frogs leaping out of the path and chameleons on the ends of dripping branches. At dusk, keep your eyes out for the slow moving Madagascar tree boa.

There are numerous lemur species in Mantadia and highlights include the black and white ruffed lemur, indri and the striking diademed sifaka.

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